I’m feeling completely bummed today. Aj and I had a bit of a fight last night. We didn’t even fight though.. but today we’re not talking to each other. He came over to my apartment last night (Wednesday) which was in the middle of the week which he rarely does. The first thing he does after taking off his coat and shoes and greeting me and the dog was log onto the internet and check football stuff. So, that set the mood for the evening :( He spends about 15 mins on the internet doing whatever and barely talking to me before I can get him interested in making dinner. We make dinner together and then sit in front of my computer watching Family Guy while eating it. Then he goes and lays down on my bed and starts whining for me to get him cake. I get him cake. Then he wants milk. I go get him milk. Then he gives some of the milk to the dog and asks for more milk for the dog. I go get the milk. Then he wants milk for himself. I go bring him apple cider haha. So, since it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna get out of bed anytime soon, I just lay in bed with him. But, I’m already pissed off at that point so we’re not talking much. Then I get tired of laying in bed and go watch stuff on my computer. He comes out for a while to watch with me but then goes back in the bedroom at like 10:00PM and tells me to wake him up at 10:30. I do, but then he requests 10 more mins. I wake him up in 10 mins then he gets ready to go home. At that point I felt like he didn’t even want to come over and see me.. He just wanted to use my computer, watch some tv shows and sleep in my bed. So, I didn’t walk him to the door or kiss or hug him goodbye. He asked if I was mad and I said I was because he slept so much and spent so much of the evening in bed. He said it was because his leg was hurting. I said ok. Then he walked out and that’s the last time we spoke. He didn’t text me when he got home and he hasn’t texted me yet today.

I’m still really pissed about the situation because he knows I’ve been depressed lately. And him barely talking to me while he’s right there in my apartment last night didn’t help one bit. :'( And I’m more pissed off because all week he’s been barely texting me and not giving me much response when I send him a text and I’m talking about outside of work. Not during work hours. So, I don’t want to be the one texting/calling him first. Not after this week and how he’s been to me all week. He needs to start acting like he wants to talk to me.