An Idear

I was talking with my online buddy John about my whole situation today (I’ve actually been talking to him about it as it happens for a week, he’s been my rock!) and he thinks it sounds like I have abandonment issues from childhood. From my parents not being around while I was growing up due to them working long hours. I think it makes sense. When I was dumped by Alain, I was still messed up about it 6 years later (i.e. earlier this year!!). Now that I’ve been dumped by Ferdi, I have no interest whatsoever in Alain and all I can think about is Ferdi. But, I didn’t have much problem getting over Mike or Toshi even though I dated them for a longer period of time because I was the one who left them. I think it’s just the abandonment that is getting to me. So, I’ve ordered a book from the interwebs on dealing with abandonment issues that will hopefully help me out. Can’t wait to get it! I need to put an end to this nonsense!! It just keeps happening over and over.

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