Up and Down

Hahah what an up and down day. Half of the day I was sobbing my eyes out and depressed. Then, I finally got my shit together and put a profile up on pof.com and within 1 minute of finishing my profile I got an IM from a really nice, really hot guy. We chatted on AIM for several hours and he invited me out to watch a UFC fight. I declined because I want to chat online with him a little longer first. He plays guitar and sings (pretty darn well!) and owns two companies! He’s also been single for over a year which at least means he’s probably over his ex haha. It could also mean bad things too, but I’ll just have to find that out as I go. The only bad thing is he’s 35, nine years older than me. He looks my age though. I dunno if I should worry about the age thing or not.

I wouldn’t say I’m 100% over Ferdi, but I feel like meeting some other guys will help me forget about him. Unfortunately, right now I’m checking out messages and talking to people and wishing they had a mohawk like Ferdi and spoke in broken English like Ferdi lol. Ugh, why did he have to be so cute and so close to having everything I wanted???

Also, Ferdi actually texted me today and said his friend was interested in buying my motor from my totaled tC. So, his friend Rocky and I were texting back and forth for several hours chit-chatting about tCs. It was kinda nice just to have a convo with a new person :) I also took the opportunity to mention that I’m happy and moving on from Ferdi to him hahah. Despite all the feelings I have for Ferdi, I am starting to get a little angry about what he did. He totally led me on the whole time and tried to make me fit into his ex-wife’s mold. And even tho we went out for a month and a half, he never even tried to add me on Facebook… which I think is odd. Who knows the reason for that? I’m pretty sure he went to my FB site though because he mentioned how my ex bf looked to me once even though I had never directly shown him a pic.

ksmiley: Thanks for all your encouraging comments! I definitely appreciate your point of view and hearing about your experiences :)

One thought on “Up and Down

  1. I want to tell you are not dumb. Forget this Ferdi and that idiot who wanted to have sex with you and that is about it guy. Ferdi is not worth your time if he is yet not over his ex. If his ex left him, there was a good reason for his ex to leave him. There are a lot of fish in the sea. I am a 40 year old woman here who has had "bad" luck with most men except for two of them now my ex-boyfriends. One of them was a dear friend of mine who was killed in a car accident a year ago, and my ex-boyfriend and I are very good friends today after 20 years of high school and he is happily married to someone I am looking forward to meeting one day yet. Most of the men I have known and dated otherwise wanted one thing from me and I was not going to give them that satisfaction.

    I have enjoyed reading your diary this week! Keep writing your feelings! You do it so well.

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