Crazy Dream Last Night

Had a crazy dream last night, but I can hardly remember any of it. I just remember it being dark and I felt very far away, and possibly it was in black and white. I think I was holding something in my hands and some invisible force was lifting me up by my legs and dragging me around. I looked down at my legs and saw nothing there. It really scared me so much that I forced myself awake and had to turn a light on haha.

Ferdi hasn’t attempted to contact me at all today which is really unlike him. If he doesn’t contact me by tomorrow after work, I think I’ll call him to see what’s going on. I have a feeling something major has happened to him or he’s just not interested in me anymore :( I’m feeling that it’s the latter. Very sad :'(

One thought on “Crazy Dream Last Night

  1. Those type of dreams are definitely questionable and not seeing what you want in your dream is scary at times. I have had dreams like the one you have described in your diary here and have had to force myself awake. As a matter of fact, a few years ago, I had a dream of a friend of mine who lived in my building and I saw his face for only a short moment and then he faded into sheer darkness saying that he cared about my dearly as a friend. The following day I called my surrogate Mom and she told me that this friend and neighbor has passed away the evening before in the hospital and I described my dream to her in detail, and when I had awakened to it with the feeling of dread knowing that he was really no longer with us physically. My surrogate Mom then told me the time he had passed away was when he passed away.

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