Had a Dream About Him.. :(

I just woke up from a dream about Alain. I was back in State College with another person who kept changing from my mom, to a friend, to a guy that I’m on a date with. I’m with the other person walking around the large house that Alain and a few of his friends shared. Alain’s not in the house but he’s around. Finally, we end up together in a room with Alain and two of his friends and we’re all just talking about random things. The guy that I’m with say something about money and Alain tells him that he sucks with money because he should be on me all the time until I get rid of all my debt. And I turned to Alain, kind of pissed off, and asked him, “oh so it’s that easy? Is that what you did? You just tell yourself to get out of debt and poof you’re debt free?” And he smiles a mean smile and says “yeah pretty much” looking quite proud of himself. Then I wake up. Of course, now and in the dream, I felt like he was talking about getting over me or getting over something in general. Basically, if he can just will himself out of debt, he willed himself out of loving me and got over me quickly. I woke up really upset and hurt and wondering if it really was that easy for him.