Car & Mom’s Surgery

Mom started chemo about 2 weeks ago on a Friday. She said it wasn’t bad and she was back to work by Wednesday. But, today dad called and said that on Thursday mom’s port (in her chest to take blood from) started swelling up so they took her to the emergency room and after a day of tests found out that the port was infected and had caused a blood clot. The port is in a blood vessel to her head/brain so this is serious. I believe they took her to surgery today. Dad said that the doctors didn’t seem fazed and said they could easily fix the problem so there’s no reason to panic. I’m not panicking.. I’m just upset that this has to happen to my mom.

On Wednesday, while driving to Toshi’s parent’s place in Cheasapeake, Toshi hit a dear with my car on the highway. It really fucked the front end of my car up :( I’m really bummed – that car is my favorite and most expensive posession. I’ve been putting a lot of time and money and thought into it and to see it all mashed up is really upsetting. The hood, grill, front bumper, both headlights and radiator will probably have to be replaced. And disappointingly, my deduction is $500 instead of $250 which it would have been if it was a regular crash with another car. Toshi said he’d help with my costs, but who knows how much that means. Even though he was driving my car, and driving it fast and agressive that night, he seems like he doesn’t want to take a lot of responsibility for the accident. He apologized, but also said there was nothing he could do. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do if he doesn’t pay for the majority of those costs.