I’m bored at work again :(

The meeting with Rentsys yesterday went pretty well. The guy was 15 mins late and then wasted time talking about things we weren’t interested in, but I think my boss’s boss, Fred, was somewhat impressed. We’re setting up another meeting sometime next week I believe.

So last night Amanda and I hung out after work. We had planned on watching a movie, but we just ended up talking the whole time instead. It was a lot of fun :) She’s probably the coolest girl I’ve ever met and became friends with. We’re hanging out today after work a little bit. I can’t wait! :) We’re going to be doing my favorite activity: shopping!

Blahhh work is so boring. I have nothing to doooooooo…

Current Events

Hello again. Long time no write (again). I figured I could start writing in here again at work when I’m bored, which is quite frequently nowadays.

So, about my job. I’m working at L’Oreal USA as an intern this summer. I’m working in the Research & Development labs in the MIS department. They hired me to work on a disaster recovery plan for their network, and it really sucks. I’m a computer engineer and this disaster recovery planning is all business. I’m so bored and I’m so glad I didn’t major in business. It’s just not for me. I spend most of my time waiting for my boss or my boss’s boss or my boss’s boss’s boss to give me some kind of requirements or information and then I make a spreadsheet comparing data and then there’s more waiting. Then there’s some meetings where nothing is accomplished and then (of course) more waiting. And the department as a whole is so quiet and dull. It’s dead silent most of the day except for people typing. I dont even feel comfortable taking or making a call because everyone in the entire office can hear it because it’s so quiet.

It wasn’t so bad a few weeks ago when Nehchal was here. She was an IT Explorer in our department and she was sooo nice. She always invited me along on her lunches out with her friends and I kinda felt accepted in that group. But, she ended her rotation here and is now working in the NYC office and we have a new IT Explorer, Aundrey who isn’t as friendly. I mean he’s really nice, but he’s not the type to invite people out to lunch like Nehchal. So, right now I’m kinda lonely here. However, about two weeks ago, this other intern Amanda and I really hit it off at lunch and we’ve been hanging out a lot since then. I was eating outside one day and she came to join me and we chatted for the whole hour and then made plans to hang out after work. She’s pretty cool and we have a lot of fun together. She’s very easy to feel comfortable around so I think we’ve gotten pretty close in just a few weeks. And it’s really awesome because its been FOREVER since I made a new female friend. And I haven’t made any friends at all before her since I came to L’Oreal. I’ve just not been happy here and I can’t wait to go home.

L’Oreal is just too social for me. I like to hang out with 4 or less people at a time, otherwise I start feeling really uncomfortable. But, L’Oreal likes to organize events with all the interns and I get really uncomfortable and end up staying mostly to myself. And everyone else is into parties and hanging out in large groups and obviously I don’t get invited to those things so I’ve been a little lonely in that respect. But, it’s ok, because I hang out with Mike everyday (or Amanda now that we’ve been buddy-buddy) so I’m not all that lonely :) I love my Mikie :):):)

Hmm what else… Oh yeah, Mikie’s transmission got a leak it in yesterday. It was leaking transmission fluid really bad yesterday and we spent our whole time after work with his dad trying to fix it. Kinda sucked because we didn’t get any alone time, but it had to be done. I just hope it’s something that can easily be fixed and that he wont need to replace the transmission or, even worse, buy a whole new car. He’s going to move to Maryland to John’s Hopkins next month and I know he doesn’t have enough money to do that stuff. My poor Mikie :( Why do things like that always seem to happen at the worst time??

On a more personal note, there’s a guy on the NJ Turnpike (also named Mike lol) who has been flirting with me when I give him the ticket and money. He’s actually very cute, but some of the things he says are kinda dumb.. for instance he said “I’ve been waiting all winter for this heat.” lol OKKK… But, he’s cute so we will excuse that silliness.

Don’t get the wrong idea about the Turnpike guy though. He’s cute, but I’m not going to do anything with him. I love my boyfriend and I don’t want to lose him or disrespect him. It’s just a good self esteem booster when another attractive individual shows interest 😉

Well, I have a meeting with Rentsys Recovery Services in 15 mins so I’m going to go now and prepare a little. I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what is expected of me in this meeting. Wish me luck!