Really Scary Thought

I’m at work now (woke up late so I came in about an hour and 15 mins late 😉 and I’m thinking… now that I’m going to Philly for 6 months… I’ll probably never see Alain again. I definitely won’t see him in Philly and then there will only be one semester when I come back before he graduates. And I hardly ever see him as it is. It’s so sad and scary and weird to think about… :-/

Almost Over

Yayyy school’s almost over!! It’s been a while since I wrote in here so there’s kind of a lot to talk about…

First, I got two co-op offers for the summer. One with Honeywell down in Virginia and the other with Concurrent Computer Corp. in Philly. I chose to go with Concurrent since it sounds like I’ll get a better experience there since Honeywell just wanted me to update computers and be one of the “helpdesk people”. Sure, Honeywell’s a big name, but the job description is not impressive. Thanks to my advisor for pointing that out to me.

Sooooo I’ll be spending the summer and fall semesters in Philly!! Woot woot!!! I’m sooooo excited about it!! I was so surprised that they even offered me the job too lol. I hardly prepared for the interview at all and I totally fucked it up (in my opinion). When he asked what I knew about the company… I couldnt come up with ANYTHING. I was thinking to myself “oh fuck. there goes this job” when he asked me that lol. But, he called me back a few days later and offered me the job. I was soooo happY!

AND I think I already have a place to live in Philly. My dad heard about a girl in a church in Philly who was looking for a roommate so he got in contact with her. Well, this “girl” isnt really a girl. She’s 31. And she’s got another roommate, a 26 yr old female college student. But, they live in a townhouse, I’d get my own bedroom (already furnished) and its about 25 mins away from Concurrent. And judging from the mapquest map, its within the Philadelphia city limits… which rocks :) *will be writing Philadelphia, PA as her address instead of Abington, PA* lol I just can’t believe how great things are working out for me. It’s such a blessing.. it MUST be from God. That’s all I can say. I mean everything just came together so perfectly when I thought nothing would. Awesome job at Concurrent for 6 months at $17 an hour, awesome place to live for VERY cheap ($400 or less a month all utilities paid for), and two roommates (and hopefully eventually friends). I just hope my good fortune continues :) And I hope my job at Concurrent is fun and educational.

Next order of business… I don’t know if I mentioned John yet, but I met him while at Tom’s (online) the night before my birthday. We hit it off that night and have been chatting everyday since then. Things have been pretty much the same with Tom since the last time I wrote. He was acting kind of weird ever since my birthday weekend.. like not talking much, not acting very affectionate like he used to. Finally, about a week later, he told me he was really missing his ex. So finally everything made sense. Then, about a week ago, I mentioned John to him. He got really upset and jealous for like 3-4 days but this weekend he changed back to his old self. He’s affectionate and seems to like me even more than ever. But not just sexually now. Now, he’s like “I miss you a lot :(” and “I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.” It’s really cool to hear that kind of stuff again, but at the same time, I know he’s just looking for someone to fill in the void that his ex left…. and so am I. But, at least I’m trying to keep this in mind and remember that he’s not willing to put up with me living far away for a few months in order to be in a relationship with me. As of right now, if I never talked to him again, I think I could deal with it. Sure I’d be really sad and everything for a while, but it would be tolerable. Not nearly as bad as the sadness I feel for Alain.

Well, anyway, enough sad, serious stuff lol. This is finals week (Eeeek!!). I’ve been studying stat all weekend. I hope I do well on the test. I should really start studying CSE too though since the test is Wednesday… :-/ I think I’m looking at all A’s except for Stat and CSE, of course. If I can get a C or B in stat that would be SO GREAT. And I think I’ll probably just barely pass CSE with a C. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to that grade lol. I hope I at LEAST get a C… :-/ Anyway, I was going through our past exams in stat and I noticed 2 errors on the solutions sheet the teacher posted online, so I went in and showed the teacher the errors and now he’s giving everyone a 1.5% raise in their grades and me a 2.5% raise :) Not a lot, but every little bit helps. And I hope that gives him an even better impression of me so that he’ll give me a higher grade lol. I mean I go in to see him about homework every single week, but I don’t know…

Well, I’m going to get back to studying now…