Another Eventless Saturday

Feeling kind of down today. Not much going on today. I’ve hardly talked to Alain since Thursday. He worked 12 hours yesterday and I guess he’s doing the same today. He also went to some party in Queens with Akbar last night.

No one’s home now except for me. I’m doing math homework and thinking about slitting my wrists hahha.

Mom came home for a few hours (she just left again) and told me that dad wasn’t feeling well this morning. She said the symptoms sound like the symptoms he had 6 years ago before he had to go get open heart surgery. She said his arms hurt and he’s got a weird feeling. God, I hope he’s ok. That’s definatly a sign of a heart attack.. I don’t know why he just went to work.

What’s Going on Now

Hello again. Long time, no see.

Well, I’ve been taking summer classes for about a month now. I took a gym class (kinesiology) the first 3 weeks and it’s already over. I got an A surprisingly. I say surprisingly because I didn’t participate in any discussions and I really thought i was going to get a B- in that class. I was so stressed out and Alain didn’t give a shit. But anyway, I’m glad that class is over. But, now I’m taking 3 classes at once and it’s sooo hard. RUS100 takes sooooooooooo much time and that makes it hard to find time to study math and do the art projects. But, I think I’m getting some extra time in RUS100, so I’m going to try to focus more on math now.

Hmm what else… Oh yeah! About two or three weeks ago, I got a new car. It’s a ’91 Honda Accord 5-spd. I love that fucking car. I mean, I’m sad to see the Nova go but the Honda is great. The Nova isn’t even gone either. It’s just over at grandpa’s house in his garage. I’ve put a lot of miles on the car since I got it because I have that class in New Kensington (Math250). When we got the car, it had 102,400 miles. The muffler is shot on it though and it’s extremely loud. It sounds like a diesel engine. It gets a lot of stares 😉

Well, I have a ton of hw to do (as always), so I’m going to go do it now. I’ll try to find more time to write in here over the summer!