My Cherry Died

Well yesterday Cherry died. I was driving home to grab a book that Tian wanted to see for our final lab report and about 2 minutes away from the house it starts running like it’s running on 3 cylinders (it was actually). I didn’t think anything of it except that “this car just drives worse and worse,” but when I stopped the car and was in the process of parking it and shutting it down I see all this smoke coming from the engine and from underneath the car and the car smelled sweet like antifreeze. So, I immediately call my dad’s cell. He doesn’t pick up, so I call mom’s work phone. She doesn’t pick up but fortunately I left a message. I thought she was out on lunch break so I figured I’d just check the oil since that’s probably what’s causing the smoke. I check the oil and it’s full. Obviously I don’t know what else to do so I go back in the house and the phone is ringing. I pick it up and it’s dad asking about the car. I tell him and he tells me he’s coming home in 20 mins. So I eat lunch and he comes home and plays with the car. He drives it around for a few moments and thinks it’s ok but then he tells me that I should shift into low and 2nd gear myself to force the cylinder that doesn’t want to fire to fire. I tell him I don’t feel comfortable doing that since I might over rev the engine so he takes me on a little drive to show me how to do it. We get back to the house and dad smells something and notices that the engine’s temperature gauge is reading all the way in the red zone. So he tells me there’s something seriously wrong here and that I better drive the Reliant. So I drive to and from school with the Reliant and when I get back home again I find out that dad took the car to the shop and there’s something seriously wrong with the engine. Something to do with the head gasket needing to be replace which costs over $1000. So, since the car isn’t worth that much and we don’t have that much, we’re not going to fix it and we all have to share the Reliant and the Taurus.

I’m so sad to have to get rid of Cherry though :( I’ve had her for four years and she was my first car ever. I remember the first day I saw her. I was walking home from school and I knew my dad had gone out to my Uncle’s to get the car and that he should be back by the time I get to the house. So I’m walking home from the bus stop and I’m trying to walk as fast as I can without running because I just can’t wait to see the car. I was expecting to see an older Ford Escort, but instead I see the Nova. I didn’t really mind one way or the other. I was just soooooo excited to have my very own car. I couldn’t stop smiling even if I tried. And I did try because I didn’t want to look like a crazy person walking down the street.

Even though I’ve been complaining to everyone about her recently, I’m just not ready to give her up. Especially since I don’t have another car lined up to replace her. Even though I’ll be driving the Reliant most of the time, I don’t think we’ll consider it mine. So that realy sucks. But ok, it’s the last week before final exams so I gotta get to work. Later.

Honors Convocation

I just got back from my first honors convocation. I got two awards: one for academic acheivement and the other for being a first year honors student. I’m glad everything is over though. I felt completely out of place. I wasn’t very familiar with most of the people there and I didn’t want to hang around Tian all the time so most of the time I was alone standing around looking stupid. On stage I walked past two ppl whose hands I was supposed to shake. I felt like such a dumbass. But my parents didn’t even notice so that’s good. And I don’t know what Joe’s problem is. Tian and Josh and Eric even talk to me, but Joe completely ignores me in public. Like I said “HI JOE!!” and he seemed surprised to see me there. And he didn’t even look at me for the rest of the time.

Well that’s all that happened. Some girl that must hang out with Alain and Viraj said hi to me but I don’t know who she was. She seems really nice though. Tonight was really embarassing and I just want it to go away…:'(