This Sucks

Tian told me today that she’s going to live in the dorms because her fucking math teacher suggested she do so. This girl sucks. And I’m probably going to have to live with her at UP because she’s the only girl I know at my school that’s going to UP the same time I am. There’s this girl in my math class that I talk to sometimes and she seems really nice. I talked to her about moving to UP but she says she’s probably not going up in fall. I wish she was going in fall cuz I’d ask to room with her if she didnt have anyone else. :( I don’t want to room with Tian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew What a Day!

Today was so hectic. I’m glad it’s pretty much over… even though I still have a lot of work to do.

My CSE teacher really surprised me today in class. He was handing back our graded lab notebooks and Tian got her’s back very quickly but mine was like on the bottom of the pile. So her and I were looking over her notebook seeing where she missed points (she missed like 2 or 3) and the teacher starts talking something about “usually we don’t have many women engineers, but when we do they seem to not do well in the notebook because they’re uncomfortable in the lab.” Something like that, I wasn’t really paying attention. Then finally he says “if anyone wants to see what a notebook is SUPPOSED to look like see Jen’s,” then he gives me my notebook in front of the whole class. I was so surprised. It felt like I’d been given an award of some sort hehehe :) I needed that bit of encouragement.

Going back to work!

Long time no write!

yeah its been a long time since i wrote in here. and i dont have much time now, but i want to write anyway.

its been pretty stressful these past few weeks. i’ve been worried about physics a lot since i’m not doing well (neither is everyone else though). i can’t decide whether or not i should drop it.

my dad really pissed me off earlier today. i asked him to go to ccac and to my high school to pick up some forms to release my transcripts to Pitt and he gave me a hard time about it. i dont think that was fair at all. i’m going to school, working, finding my own apartment and now i’ve also got to find time (that I dont have) to go to ccac and my hs for transcript release forms?? cmon. i feel like i’m getting no help from anyone. people always say that having a job and being on your own is worse than going to school, but i doubt that. cuz when you’re going to school AND working you’ve got like 14 times the workload and no time to do it in.

i’m becoming so lost in all of my classes. in math we’re doing infinite series and theres about 10 tests that we’ve “learned” in the past week and 2 days. it’s impossible for me to learn 10 tests in that short of a time period. i’m going to be so fucked when the test comes. then in chemistry, we’re trying to predict chemical reactions. which i dont understand how anyone gets. we did about 3098234 work sheets in class and i was the last one done with all of them. and what makes me feel even dumber is that my lab partner (andrew) who doesnt give a shit about classes and sometimes doesnt even come to chem, understands it better than i do. i copied everything off of him. i feel like such a retard. maybe i do have a learning disability. people with learning disabilities arent retards though. ppl can also get drugs to help with learning disabilities. i wish the problem were that simple!

for a while there, i thought my math teacher (gillespie) was getting pissed off at me because i always come to his office even at times that arent on the syllabus as “office hours.” but i dont know. it was so funny this morning though. i was waiting for class to begin and tian was inthe doorway asking me if i still wanted to meet her at 4pm and i was trying to read her lips cuz she wouldnt come in for whatever reason and gillespie came up behind her and gave her bunny ears. it was soooooo funny. i’ve never seen a teacher do that. tian thought i was laughing at her too, which is even funnier.

oh yeah btw, cse is insanely difficult now all of a sudden. we started these flip-flops and mHz and Hz and i dont even know what a Hz is and i think the teacher just assumes that we know that. we have this hw problem due tomorrow and even after seeing the answers about 5-10 times from the teacher to tian i still don’t know what the answer is. i dont understand it, i cant even copy it correctly without getting confused. i’m going to have to ask tian what’s the right answers tomorrow.

ok gtg do math hw..