This Past Week

It seems like I only have time to write in here on the weekends which really sucks because by this time the energy and enthusiasm for what happened during the week has gone.

Well, I will start with today. I worked from 9-1 earlier today and I had to work with Nick instead of Bret. Bret finally got some Saturdays off. I won’t see him next week when I work either because he’s going to NY :( I would rather work with him than with any of the other people. So yeah, Nick was a little annoying becuase he brought a ton of CDs and he wanted to turn the volume wayyy up. I couldn’t study so I didn’t try.

Yesterday, I had a CSE 271 quiz which I think I did well on. I also had a physics quiz which I got a 2/5 on. That really fucking pissed me off because I studied for it and I thought I understood everything. One of the questions was on the practice quiz on his website, but he doesnt give us any answers for those. Maybe I should ask him for the answers… After finding out I got 2/5 I was so pissed off and upset. I was tearing up in the computer lab as I wrote an email to Alain telling him what just happened. But I went to see Dr. Hall in his office after writing that email and he explained some things. Hall isn’t a real nice or friendly guy and pissed me off with the amount of times he said I should have done this or that. But the main idea was that I have to put even more effort into this class to get a good grade. After classes, I went to work. After work, Alain came over. While he was here I got really pissed off at him and bit him as hard as I could on his hand. I feel really bad about doing it :( He was really hurt. Then right after that, we went to Wal-Mart where Alain pissed some people off with the way he was driving. They caught up with us as we were entering the store and the woman got in Alain’s face calling him and me names and insulting him, etc. Alain wanted to fight them I guess, but he didn’t for whatever reason. First he told me it was because they were on drugs and they could be carrying guns, then he told me it was because he didn’t want me to get hit. I don’t know if I believe either reason though. The people that came after us were a man, a woman and their kid. I could not believe the things this woman said in front of her child. I feel sorry for the boy..

On Monday and Tuesday I had my first physics and first chemistry labs. I was a little worried about them because I don’t know anyone in either class, so I didn’t know who I would end up being partners with. In both cases I think I lucked out and got some really nice people. In physics, my partners are that girl from NY who looks like she’s half black and half white and another boy who likes nu-metal (he wears the band shirts every single day). In chemistry my lab partner is a guy called Andrew P. or something like that. I think he’s a lot like me because he seems to be very quiet and keeps to himself in the other classes I have with him. I have never seen him talking to anyone. This is fine with me though.

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