I really like my job. Yesterday I finally got my 7 uniforms. The shirts are too big (even though they’re smalls), but the pants fit ok. I don’t like working outside in the heat, but with the car turned on and the AC on, it’s kind of ok. Another perk is the 4-5 cute guys that work there. I’ve never actually talked to them, and I don’t really care if I ever do, but I like to look. There’s one in particular that I find myself interested in. I think his name is Sean or something. He’s not cute like the other guys that work there are cute. He looks younger and looks kind of dorky. But kinda hardcore dorky. He has glasses (not emo glasses though) and black hair (not dyed). He’s pretty skinny and lanky and has bad posture. Sounds pretty hot eh?? lol Also, the guys I work with (Bret and Joe) are getting more comfortable with me and I with them, so it’s kind of fun being around them.

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