I’m Home

Well, I’m home now. Amtrak went pretty well. The seats and everything are comfortable (not for really long periods of time though) and the people are nice. And of course I could get up and walk around whenever I wanted basically. There was a food and lounge car which was pretty cool, but I didn’t use really. I just bought an orange juice and went back to my seat. The girl that sat next to me seemed really nice, but I was glad that she was in the lounge nearly the whole trip. She apparently made a number of friends and played Simpsons Pictionary with them. The only bad thing about the trip was that we had a few delays which resulted in the train arriving in Pittsburgh and hour and five minutes late. The first unexpected delay was when we had to stop and pick up a few extra train cars and take them along with us. The second delay happened when these cars went off in the radar and told the conductor that there was something wrong with them. The workers had to get off the train and check it out. The third delay was when the cars went off in the radar again and we finaly had to let them go. The last delay was the longest – about 30 mins. We had other random delays that were never explained. Those times we just stopped for a few minutes and no one knew why. Maybe just letting another train pass or cross us. We took a lot of stops especially between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. We stopped at about 6 or more places. But getting to Harrisburg from NYC was really fast. Even with about 4-5 stops we got there in four hours. Next time I take Amtrak, I’ll get off at Harrisburg and drive home or something. It’s only three hours away.. there’s no reason why I should have to sit on the train for twice that or longer.

My stay at Alain’s house was ok. We did the normal stuff: the mall, thrift stores, fast food everyday, etc. We also went to Planet Hollywood in Manhatten. I wish Alain would have wanted to spend more time in Manhatten and I also wish we went on some day other than Sunday so the stores would have been open. I also wish that he meant what he said a while ago… I told Alain that I didn’t think he treated me right and he said it was because we’re so far away and we only talk online and it was hard for him to treat me better. He then said he would make it up to me when I came to his house. When I brought this up at his house he denied saying it and, of course, didn’t make it up to me. I love him SOOO much, but I don’t like him sometimes.

I drove to NY in my dad’s car (with dad there of course). It was a realy fast and easy ride until we got near NYC. The roads got confusing and we got a little lost in NJ and then in NY. We also ran into a lot of traffic near the George Washington Bridge. When we finally got to the tollbooths there, we discovered the back up was because there were about 5-6 EZ Pass lanes open, but only 2 cash lanes open and everyone needed to use cash. The overall drive sucked because dad was constantly making comments and judging what I was doing and freaking out everytime something happened. I definatly wouldnt mind driving it again, but since we got lost all those times, I don’t think I could remember how to get there correctly. Plus I dont think I’ll ever have a car good enough to drive there and back. Driving there helped me to realize that NY isn’t as great as Alain says it is. And the area lost some of its appeal to me. Honestly, I used to be a little afraid of the people there because I expected them to be rude to me, but after the drive there and getting pissed off and realizing that NY isn’t better than PA (in my opinion, it’s almost the other way around) I wasn’t afraid anymore. I got a little more confidence in myself.

Well, I have to do some math homework because I didn’t do ANY while I was in NY. I really should have because i have 8 more sections that I haven’t even seen and the test is in two days… 😮

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