Small Storm

Well today has not turned out near as bad as I had expected so far we only got about 3 inches I was expecting 10 but I am not complaining I already shoveled the sidewalk but maybe more will come we will see I got the snow blower ready but decided to wait till tomorrow just in case we get more snow tonight.

I got an Email from my best friend today well I should explain, Dawn and I have been best friends for the past 9 years we exchange Emails daily and we have never met in person she is married and quite happy being a military wife they have traveled pretty much all around the country and now she just told me her husband is being assigned to Colorado so here I go through Email I am moving to Colorado it is really a great thing, we have been through so much over the last 9 years just through the computer, i don’t know what I woul do without her daily letter.

I suppose I had better get busy on my Business Managment project I have already started laundry and cleaned the toilet LOL I really nede to share that, Mom called and told me thy came to pick up Dad in a 4X4 emergency response vehicle I was gladto hear that I was worried as the roads were getting so bad and if he misses dialysis he gets really sick so all is well and Mom is all stocked up and does not ned to go out for anything.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

3 thoughts on “Small Storm

  1. So are you moving or is your friend moving to Colorado? Only 3 inches of snow huh, it only takes a slight flurry in NC to stop traffic lol. THIS PLACE SUCKS! These idiots make me look like a good driver……………be afraid, lol.

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