weight, windows, and the word

Dairy, buddy who’s wife is sick actually worked all week. It was a nice break for me only doing one job. They’ve not been covering his absences and I’ve been pretty much doing both jobs which was very tiresome. I have still done his job some to help out. Our job “cell” has to post the weight of how much metal we process each day and at first our cell was doing the poorest, but now we are almost always leading in weight for the day. We hold our own when he’s out but when he is there we do a lot better than the other shifts. We first started posting our numbers when I was on 2nd and our cell was doing the best on 2nd then and now that I’m on 3rd, 3rd is doing better. Of course that could all change, 2nd just lost one sorry worker and could get a good worker to replace him, and we are fixin to lose a good worker and we could get a sorry replacement and the numbers could go back the other way. I don’t really care as long the company does good overall, I’d hate to lose another job to another country. But then again this place is non-union and lays off according to job performance, not seniority, so unless something drastic happens I’ll be in good shape…..i hope(almost never say never).

Dairy, the driver side window on our family car has been broke for, o several years now and we can’t roll it down, not if we want to keep it in one piece anyway. My nephew who has just graduated from an auto body repair school fixed it for us this week. His schooling has already paid off for us. I’ve talked to other people who have had the same problem we had and some of them have paid as much as $350 to get their window fixed. We paid less than a hundred for parts and all. I tried to tell him I was gonna do him a huge favor and let him paint my truck, you know to get some valuable experience. I wasn’t even gonna charge him nothing for doing it either, so far he hasn’t accepted my most generous offer.

Hay, Dairy, our mission trip for this summer is started to take shape. I was hoping to do vacation Bible school but have praying that God would plan this trip. It looks like He may be leading in a different direction. We are definetely doing home improvements for people who don’t have the means to do them theirselves. But we may end up doing some kind of program for youth detention center and maybe a retirement home. Or maybe we could do something for the detention center 2 nights. I guess we will find out soon, we only have about 10 weeks before we go. I’m already getting excited!!!!!!

Dairy, we may hand out Bibles to anyone who doesn’t have one while we are there. Well our preacher is a staunch King James Version man and we had discussion on that. I thought about just saying we can hand out Bibles and I’ll pick them up and I could have gotten what I want. But instead I asked him what he thought about a more modern version and he agreed to think about it. I tried to tell him we don’t talk like they did in the 1600’s. People need to have a copy of God’s Word that they can understand. If someone can’t understand it then it is useless to them. I have a friend at work who has been asking questions about the Bible so I took him a copy of the new testament it was a KJV he bought it back and said he couldn’t understand and he talked to the pastor of the church he has been attending recently he lent him a more modern version to read until he buys him one. The KJV us God’s Word but it was written in a different time with a different vocabulary. For example Hebrews 11:1 says FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR……….. The way we use the word hope today is often in a wishful sort of way, I hope I win that sweepstakes. It often used skepticism. In the 1600’s when the KJV was written it meant a confident expectation. It meant no doubts. That’s a big difference. Now me and the preacher and other people who have attended sunday school and preaching services all our lives have become familiar with what the KJV means and we sometimes take it for granted that everyone else is familiar with it also. But Dairy, they are not. Well I guess I need to get off this band wagon now.

Well DAiry I reckon I’d better get to bed, I’ll probably pull 12 tonight and won’t be able to get to bed until 1:30 tomorrow so I’d better get some sleep today.


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