But you didn’t

So beautiful… magic of words…
Magic of Leslie…

「如若你太累 及時地道別沒有罪」


王字喬@FB “Forever Love Leslie Cheung” Group

Remember on your debut, you tossed your hat to your audiences but soon found it on the stage?
We thought you would quit with frustration and shame,
But you didn’t.

Remember you were hailed for your “The wind continues to blow” and “Monica”, and became an instant hit?
We thought you would be satisfied with the applause and rest on the compliment you received,
But you didn’t.

Remember in 1989, you determined to resign from your shiny music career and held 33 farewell performances?
We thought your glory would expire and you would fade away from the flood of time,
But you didn’t.

Remember after your returning, for your movie Farewell my Concubine, you had to learn Peking Opera from scratch?
We thought you’d strike a pose of celebrity and snub your fellows with your halo,
But you didn’t.

Remember on the Golden Horse Awards ceremony, the camera of the unkind reporters aimed at your eyes, for your unusual emotion life?
We thought you’d lose your temper,
But you didn’t.

Remember you wore long hair, mustache and a skirt for your Passion Tour, and were criticized as “monstrous”?
We thought you would give in under the pressure of media and custom,
But you didn’t.

Yes, Leslie, 14 years is long enough for an innocent kid grow to an adult,
but far too short to dilute our longing for you.
Years after, we are still fond of you:
not only adore your comely appearance, alluring voices and impeccable performing talent,
but also cherish your bravery, candor and the fullest dedication to your profession.

I know there were lots of things you didn’t do, and lots of things we hope to make up for you,
and I believe that it was your song touched the softest corner of my heart,
echoed with my deepest memory,
and soothed my sheerest anxiety when I was at sea.

On that April Fool’s Day, you leapt from the balcony and never woke up.
From word-of-mouth, we were shocked, yet thought that you merely played a harmless prank,

But you didn’t.