Life Continues

Life in the Karnopp household is going smoothly with a few bumps in the road from time to time. MC does not work for me right now on Saturdays or Sundays. The Coronavirus has many people worried and scared. I am one of them. DKF takes care of me every day at this time, Monday through Sunday. With the Coronavirus being in the United States, I am only going to the dialysis center three times a week and coming home. I have my baths every morning and a second one when I have yeast infections and redness in folds when air does not get. Today is one of those days that redness is in my private area. DKF, after I get done with dialysis and back home, will be tending to the redness. With today being dialysis day, DKF takes me to the clinic and picks me back up afterwards to bring me back home.


Life living on my own is necessary to me. I do not want to be put in a foster home because foster home care is broken, and I believe Dr. Phil when he says foster care isn’t the best place to put children right now. I have a friend I rarely see anymore who happens to be in a foster care home right now and loves it because her foster parents adore her, and they are Christian and church-going people. I do not want to be put in a nursing home when my life, I can still do some things for myself inside my house. I live an apartment with other apartments surrounding me, but I still call it home or my house.

 With IRIS, I have the opportunity to still live in my own home with some extra help. I am only 49 going on 50 this summer, and I feel I have a full life even though I have been doing dialysis since April 24, 2019, due to my transplanted kidney had stopped working correctly after 31 years. My kidney organ has contracted a common disease called glomerulonephritis, founded in 2016.

 When I met DKF when using the service she was working for at the time, I practically fell in love with her immediately. The home care program closed within a year due to the state closing her business down. The company, before finding SSL’s business, ResCare had changed their name to Almost Family in the midst of getting into IRIS, and they lost their ability to get paid by Medicaid. They had to let me go because of their mistake (for not getting paid for seven months), and it was because Medicaid did not know of the change of name. I am not happy with Almost Family.

 Changes? Yes, changes indeed. I still have DKF. In the beginning, when IDS closed in 2017, I had DKF and DB as my IRIS employees. DB and I argued about my independence, and she was unhappy working with me. I had decided to fire her the day after the argument, so she would be a no show the following day she was to be here. I had found one person AR who worked for me for a few weeks but decided to stop working for me for a while. I hired a woman I know personally from the church we attend. That is MC. Now, since a new pay period, I have my PC hours cut from 27.5 hours a week to 11.5. MC will be coming March 7, 2020, but after this Saturday, she is going to be here on a need basis unless I find someone to take her place on Saturdays. MC is not doing a good job lately because she has slowed down. I have an interview Saturday afternoon with someone new. Changes are necessary right now.

Welcome to Living On My Own With Help

Welcome to my Living On My Own With Help blog. I have been living on my own since December 1989, and during the first year, it was scary, but I loved my freedom from my parents. I would call them a lot during the first several weeks of being on my own, and today, after 31 years, my parents and I rarely talk on the phone. We text one another most of the time, and I talk to my dad a couple of times a month now. Texting has become a way of communicating nowadays.

 Now, you are probably wondering why y I have titled my blog Living On My Own With Help. So much has changed since 2006. I did not get extra help living on my own until 2012, but my physical life changed in 2007. I have a condition called cerebral palsy, and my eyes never worked together. I did not notice that my eyes did not work together until 2008, and I began using a cane to balance myself with because I would feel like I was falling, but I was still standing. I had the feeling of falling off and on during the feeling of falling. In 2011, I began to feel the falling sensation and then fall, and had trouble getting up, but was able to get up after a few minutes. I started using a walker in 2011 to steady myself while I was walking about out and in my apartment. In 2012, I got my first walker from Mercy Health. For the past five years, I have had help with showering/bathing, getting dressed in the morning, getting to and from medical appointments, and doing some fun things with a caregiver. For the past two years, I have been in a program called IRIS so that I can still live on my own with help from a caregiver or friend. I have a wonderful caregiver who happens to have a nursing degree under her belt. She has been working for me for the past four years now. We met when I used to be a client of a program that helped the disabled with their cares within the home.

 This is the blog where I will be sharing Life On My Own With Help. Again, welcome to my blog.