Supporter Status Expiry

Hi all,    Currently there’s no ‘penalty’ for a Supporter when their subscription expires because the system doesn’t actually do anything when a subscription runs out. In the next few days (possibly a week or so) this will change. In a few days, if your Supporter status has expired any plugins that your diary uses that are Supporter Only plugins will automatically de-activate.

I’m not entirely sure who this will affect at this stage because I haven’t done a list of people (if any!) whose Supporter status has expired. But if your Supporter status has expired, be aware that any Supporter plugins will automatically switch off when I make the change.

Sorry to be a pain, but I do need to make some reason for people to re-Support us in the future.

I’m also working on ways to improve the automatic detection of spam diaries, and hopefully I can set the system up to automatically recognise spammers better.

Any questions, please leave a comment here!