Diaries For Commercial Purposes

I’ve become aware, through someone disputing the automatic spamstatus of their diary, that there’s an expectation from this site that business should be allowed to use the site for commercial reasons. Ironically, the reason the owner gave for disputing their spamstatus actually confirmed they would be using it to create spam… But I digress.

Here’s my policy. I have no objection to a business owner creating a diary to chronicle things that go on in their business or possibly even to keep their current customers up to date with what’s happening within their company. But I DO object to commercial signups solely intended to use our system to drive people to their own website, or affiliate links or revenue generating pages away from this site.

This site is a diary site. It is NOT a blog site. There is, in my opinion, a difference. If this site were a blog site, I wouldn’t be worried about commercial signups. But to me, this site replaces the original leather bound diary that people used to keep under their bed. It adds some community interaction which perhaps the leather bound diary doesn’t have. But a leather bound diary definitely does not have pages that are devoted to generating revenue for third parties.

So, commercial people – you may sign up if your intention is chronicle your company activities. You may NOT signup if you intend to use the pages to sell your wares.