New Menu Option

The keen eyed among you will have noticed the slight change to the menu system at the top of the DearDiary Homepage (the one to the right of the large DearDiary.Net text). It’s changed because I wanted to add another menu, called Others. This is a drop down menu item, with (currently) 2 child menus, those being ‘Updates within last day’ and ‘Updates within last week’.

Selecting one of those items will show you updates from all the other diaries on the site that fall within the selected timescale. If a diary has multiple updates within the timescales, only the very latest one will be shown (this is to keep server load at a minimum).

The formatting of the list is not ideal at present, but it’s a start :-)

New Forum Added

The astute among you – and those who don’t visit the DearDiary Homepage, probably should once in a while :-) – will have noticed a new menu option on the front page, or indeed any page of this diary, notably ‘Forum’

Yes, I have introduced a discussion forum to the system. Your normal login name will work, and you can post and view any of the forums. At some point there may be private / Supporter only forums added but at this point I can’t see much point.

So, if you wanna chat with each other about ‘stuff’ – visit the forum! Let me know if you want any other forum groups added!

Recent Migrations FAILED

If you’ve recently requested your diary be migrated (since we moved server) OR, you requested a migration before the move but didn’t get the e-mail until after the move, your diary almost certainly has ZERO entries, ZERO comments and the migration although it migrated your username did NOT migrate your diary (at least not properly).

I apologise for the inconvenience. Please contact me by either leaving a private comment at the bottom of this entry, or by using the Support form. I will re-migrate your diary for you.

Posting from iPhone

20120711-173258.jpgI have updated Deardiary.Net to allow posting using the Atom and XML-RPC protocols… Blah blah I know 😉 suffice to say, you can now download the WordPress app from the iPhone app store and manage your diary with it.

The URL should be simply and use your normal username and password. If you have multiple diaries it’ll pick that up and ask you which ones you want to administer from your iPhone.

You can add new posts, pages, comments, moderate comments and other stuff too. I highly recommend it for mobile users!

Attention New Users – or any Genesis Users

There is a feature of WordPress which I consider to be a bug. I’m tempted to raise it as such with them, but I’m seeking clarification at this point.

Nonetheless, it manifests this way;

New user signs up for site. Everything goes well. Visit your new diary, the layout is all messed up. That’s because a whole bunch of default widgets have been added by WordPress, and the first widget area in Genesis is the Header Right widget. On the standard WP theme this isn’t a problem because the first widget area is laid out differently to Genesis.

In short, to fix your layout, you need to remove all the default widgets from your Header Right widget area.

I have uploaded a fix for newly created diaries from this moment forward, but unfortunately there’s no simple way to retrofix it.