Huge Number of Spammers Removed

The anti-spam solution is working again and the ‘Wizard’ has combed the site and removed approximately 400-500 spammers from our midst. I’ve also setup an automated process (with human verification) which will go through and check recent signups and mark them as spammers if it considers them so.

If you’re browsing the site and come across someone who’s clearly a spammer, you can help the system to learn who’s spam and who’s not but clicking the ‘Report Blog and Author’ menu bar (if you’re logged in) located under the Wangguard heading.

I’ve also made some changes server-wise and we are now on an upgraded server with extra RAM and speedier (SSD accelerated!) hard drives. Hopefully the sites load a bit quicker – they seem to so far.

At some point in the not too distant future I’m going to make a start on some new developments here, so if there’s features you want to see added, you better let me know in the comments :-)

Supporter Status Expiry

Hi all,    Currently there’s no ‘penalty’ for a Supporter when their subscription expires because the system doesn’t actually do anything when a subscription runs out. In the next few days (possibly a week or so) this will change. In a few days, if your Supporter status has expired any plugins that your diary uses that are Supporter Only plugins will automatically de-activate.

I’m not entirely sure who this will affect at this stage because I haven’t done a list of people (if any!) whose Supporter status has expired. But if your Supporter status has expired, be aware that any Supporter plugins will automatically switch off when I make the change.

Sorry to be a pain, but I do need to make some reason for people to re-Support us in the future.

I’m also working on ways to improve the automatic detection of spam diaries, and hopefully I can set the system up to automatically recognise spammers better.

Any questions, please leave a comment here!

Merry Christmas!

For all those who celebrate Christmas, may we wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With any luck, 2013 will see us getting on top of the spam blog problem and able to open the door to new subscribers again!

Thanks for all your support during 2012, and for your support during the software switchover. We look forward to more new and exciting stuff in 2013 – because clearly the Mayans were wrong :-)

And if you celebrate something other than Christmas at this time of year, Seasons Greetings for that too!

New Users Note

If your diary exists and contains links to businesses, and appears to have been setup purely for business purposes, it’s not welcome here.

This is a diary site. Not a blog site. It’s intention is for you to chronicle your daily life and let others share your experiences.

I don’t know how to be any clearer. If you reason for using this site is to promote your business then you’ve chosen the wrong place.

Your ‘diary’ will be deleted if this is the case. You have been warned. You will also be marked as a ‘splogger’ which reduces your chances of being able to sign up anywhere else too. So do yourself a favour, and don’t come here to promote your business.

Tips and Tricks for New DearDiary.Net

If you’re struggling with the new system, not realising how much you can do with it, then fear no longer. One of our users (MissTick) has posted some tips and tricks and I just felt they really needed sharing!

At some point we will come up with some video tutorials which cover how to use the site in depth, particularly if you’re used to the old system. It can be quite a shock. But the stuff you can do with this new system is WAY more flexible than the old system. It just takes some getting used to.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you.