New Look DD Homepage

I’ve switched the DearDiary.Net main diary ( this one, which you can get to by clicking the little DearDiary.Net… text in the top left of any diary ) to use the Genesis framework. In this way, I’m able to take advantage of all the goodness that is Genesis for this diary too. It was kind of weird being on a different theme to everyone else anyway – the original site had the same diary template (mostly because that’s all the original site could use :-)).

So now, if there are any template bugs I’ll find them a bit quicker I suspect!

I’m aware that the layout of the Latest DD News and the Latest Diary Updates is broken – I’ll be looking into that tomorrow. For now, it’s usable. Just.

I’m also aware that the Migrate Diary option is completely broken. This is an element I had not considered when I switched to Genesis, because it works completely differently behind the scenes to normal themes. So I have some work to do there. On that note, I’m also writing a bunch of automated test scripts so that in future (once they’re finished) I can test everything on my development machine before I send live changes up. This should avoid significant bugs being introduced between releases. Hopefully!


  1. Misstick says:

    Looks great! :-) Can I please pin my old enquiry to the top again: the Previous Post/Next Post navigation doesn’t seem to work in Genesis Theme still. It is slightly annoying to have to return back to Home page to scroll to the previous posts in a blog, particular when the diary set to one post per page. :-/ in default theme this feature works fine.

    • I see them as ‘Older Posts’ / ‘Newer Posts’ on your diary – is this what you mean? If it is, they seem to be working for me?

      If I’ve missed the plot, can you let me know a bit more detail to help me find it for you?


      • Misstick says:

        I’ve just updated this on Bugzilla (#54)

        • Have you turned off your web link again? It didn’t show up…

          Also, you might like to grab yourself a gravatar – it doesn’t have to be your picture, and the email address you associate with it never shows up on your comments, it uses some fancy hashcode…

          • Sorry, Maintenance Mode was turned on, as I’ve been fiddling with the Pallett again, she doesn’t like me, it seems. (and it is mutual, I’m afraid ;-() lol…
            PS do not like fancy pictures by my name, they force an impression, even if they’re neutral picture. I’ll stick with default for now, until find something I can live with.

          • I’m done, Steve, thank you very much! worked like a charm without CDN, flawless. You can switch it back on, if you wish. Once again, many thanks indeed!

          • Love the new gravatar :)