To clear up confusion

Hello all,

      There's been some concern that the Facebook group 'Future of DearDiary Discussion' may mean that DearDiary is going away. That is not true – DearDiary.Net is not going away, but it will (at some point – I've been promising this for at least 5 years!) be changing in the future.

The current codebase is over 11 years old. It's got none of the modern social media capabilities. It's got none of the 'web 2.0' features. It has to be brought into line with current technologies.

Doing this means some fairly big changes under the hood. The discussion group is a place where people can tell me ahead of time what they like about the new system, what works, what doesn't work, what they desperately don't like etc.

Your millions of words stored in your diaries here are not under threat at all. The way you interact with them may change, but they will always be here :-)

Opening Up For Testing

I have today decided that I’m happy for people to begin having a play on the site as it stands.

Presently there’s an enormous amount of work to do, and there’s a lot of core DD functionality that needs to be replicated here. There’s an enormous amount of things that need to be tested too. If you wish to assist, please join the Facebook group DDFuture and engage in the discussion.

You may leave comments here too if you prefer.

Only existing DearDiary.Net users will be allowed to setup an account (and copy their diary if desired), this is not an open invitation :-)

New Discussion Group For Future of DD

Hi everyone,

     I've created a new discussion group for the Future of DearDiary.Net on Facebook. Given that most people couldn't figure out Google Groups too easily, and just about everyone has a Facebook account, I figured I might as well utilise their technology instead :-)

So please visit and we can begin discussing where things will take us!