Already Spotted One Cache Control Bug

If you visit a 'newest' entry, then the author updates and adds a new entry, you won't get to see it through the 'newest' link because newest for some reason is not issuing a 200 Ok header after an update, but still sends a 304 Not Modified header, by the looks of it anyway.

More investigation required :-)

Playing With Server Headers

One of the things the DearDiary code really is pretty poor at is dealing with the modern world. The original codebase was written in 1999, long before HTTP/1.1 was in widespread use. Which means a lot of the HTTP headers we send out aren't utilising a lot of the more modern cache control headers, whereas we rely on the older HTTP 1.0 cache control headers. Those old headers aren't as flexible, or reliable. So I've been playing with the newer ones.

If it works properly, it should speed up reading of entries you've already read recently – and it should enable DD to play nicer with ISPs proxy's too.

But it might mean I broke something – so if you notice things going weird please let me know :-)

More Updates :-)

I've made some major adjustments to the notification system, which comprises a number of different scripts at this stage. I have seen the new entry notifications going out from this diary, but haven't checked for other diarists – though they should go out just as well. Comment notify uses a different system and has been adjusted as well – but might need further tweaks – please let me know your experiences.

In other news, I am presently migrating Hamipiks from the old server to the new server, so you cannot make any modifications to existing pictures or folders at the moment. I have set the old server to show an error if you try, but there may be something I've missed. Any changes you make on Hamipiks after this is posted will NOT be saved, until further notice (probably a day or so). You won't need to do anything, all will still work – and your pictures are still viewable so diary entries or other places you've used your Hamipiks account will still work.

Could people give me a show of hands for who's still using Hamipiks? It has not received any attention either for many years but if people are still using it I will happily add it to the active project list and put some upgrades in place. Along with a rebrand 😉

E-Mail Integration In Progress

Integration of the DearDiary system with the e-mail system is in progress. You might notice some glitches – I should be on to them, but if they persist beyond the next hour or so then please let me know :-)

[EDIT]: It seems notifies are not working properly still. I am looking into it.


What's been happening since the move?

Well, I said that I'd be doing more work on DD now that my new job is away from computers and after the server move, so what have I been up to?

There's been a couple of things. Firstly I had to calm the search engine spiders down because the new server doesn't have such a stupidly generous bandwidth allowance as the old one. I have some thoughts up my sleeve for how I can significantly improve the response times for older entries and improve the bandwidth used by the search engine spiders. But that's not really all that important from you, the user, point of view.

Much more importantly perhaps is the re-introduction of the DearDiary.Net e-mail address for Plus! users. This is something I've been meaning to sort out for goodness knows how long, and I finally have the backend server architecture in place to be able to offer it again, and better still it'll automatically activate the moment you go Plus (or it will once I re-introduce it in the next few days :-))

If you previously had a DearDiary.Net email address and had e-mails in your Inbox they will still be there. They've travelled from various servers across the years. However, if you're not a Plus user you won't be able to access them. Sorry! If you become a Plus! user they'll become accessible again.

It's my intention though that probably in a few months I will have a purge of the old e-mail addresses for those users that haven't been Plussed for a number of months. I may even set up a policy of destroying the e-mail boxes of Plus users 6 months after their subscription expires, as there's a huge number of Inboxes with mostly spam in them for users who we haven't seen at the site for years.

So that's the latest. Unfortunately there will be some downtime required to bring the e-mail service back online since the new e-mail infrastructure uses the same database as the diaries themselves and will need to be migrated.

Your thoughts, as always, most welcome. I've taken into consideration the comments on the previous entries regarding where to spend my next efforts too :-)

Have a good one,