Non Scrolling Editor Inputs

For some time now people have been struggling with inputing their entries onto DD – at least it seems that those who were using the HTML editor and IE8 were having issues.

I think there was an incompatibility with the old HTML editor which for some reason was only showing for users of IE8. Unfortunately I don't have IE8 to test this on, but I have installed the latest version of the CKEditor widget for use on DearDiary and I'm using it to type this message (in Firefox on a Mac, but at least it's working on that platform!) so please give it a go and if you had trouble before, let me know if this fixes it for you.

If it doesn't fix it, I'll have to dig deeper – but I hope it does, cos I dunno where I'll end up digging to if it doesn't!

Thanks for your patience and sorry it took so long!



  1. Works on my firefox with windows XP

  2. IT WORKS!!! Thanks!!! It is awesome!!!

  3. OH, and I have Windows Vista and IE8.

  4. It fixed it for me, Steve. Thanks so much!!
    I don’t have IE8, but whatever it was that was causing the problem is gone now.
    Thanks again!
    Hugs, Tiggs