For anyone worried we're closing down


There’s an awful lot that needs doing to DD to bring it into line with latest web technologies. For one thing it looks horrid on the iPhone ;-). I can’t give any promises if/when those changes will be done because of other financial pressures but the comments on my previous post remind me why I keep the site running.

It’s not about money therefore to keep it going.

However at this stage I do have to keep new users off. Their expectations for what a good site looks like are way above what DD presently offers and the majority of recent new users ended up being spammers.

If someone legitimate needs access to a friends only entry or diary then an existing user should e-mail me with their required details and I’ll add them manually for now. If there becomes many I will provide a ‘backdoor’ mechanism for people to use that is not widely known which should see an end to the problem.

So I apologize if my previous post made it look like DD was going away. It isn’t.

This entry was typed on iPhone so now I know for sure how awful the site looks in iPhone :-)


Spam Returns, again

New user signups are disabled again, this time indefinitely.

Sorry, DearDiary just doesn’t get anywhere near close enough to pay even for a cup of tea per month so I’m really not interested in fighting the constant battles against idiots who believe the website owes them something. Especially those who believe they can use websites to spread their marketing for their noxious products.

Current users can of course continue to use the service but there will be no new users.

DearDiary is sorely in need of upgrades to bring it up to scratch with current systems (Facebook, Blogger etc) and people’s usage expectations. It’s been on the cards for over 5 years now and realistically, it is never going to happen. I am one programmer and I have a mortgage to pay with a real day job. Which means I don’t get time to put the effort in to produce a ‘from the ground up’ total rebuild that is necessary to have web 2.0 screens and fancy growing entry boxes like Facebook does when you type or paste entries.

If you’ve recently paid for a Plus account and feel you’ve been let down, please contact me privately and I will arrange a refund.