New Users Open Again

I’ve implemented a CAPTCHA filter on the new user sign up page which should deter the spambots. Hopefully for good, but if they decide that the lure of being on DearDiary’s front page for a few hours is worth the extra effort and investment then they will return.

I have some plans up my sleeve for an alternative if this system is broken by spammers so if you notice spam diaries kicking off again please drop me a line.

No system will ever be totally spam proof as some spammers are now employing people from lower paid economies to sit and sign up for these sorts of things, but we can (and just have) make it harder and less economical for them to do this.

So if you’ve been waiting to sign up, you should be able to now.


Spam Diaries Again

In the past few weeks we’ve been alerted to an incredible number of spam diaries again. These diaries sign up for the express purpose of posting links to other sites, sometimes with various irrelevant keywords.

To be honest, I don’t get it. The Google ranking they’ll achieve as a result of being on here with irrelevant keywords, descriptions and content is negligable. But still they come.

And so I have switched off new user signups for now until I can come up with a suitable answer.

Apologies for the inconvenience this causes!