Update on Links in Entries

Greetings again everyone,

     2 entries in one day – although I must have my timezone set wrong cos the system thinks its 2 days, but anyway…

So, after a Reader Comment that talked about not being happy for a Plus account holder to not be able to add links in entries, it struck me that I should be able to allow Plus account holders to add links – they've verified they're not spammers and it's a pretty straight forward and bulletproof way of doing it.

So – if you're a Plus account holder you can add links to your entries again – and to prove it, there's one below :-)


Slight Change (hopefully temporary)

In order to allow new users to sign up again, I have had to make a slight change, which possibly won't be very popular but hopefully won't stay in place for long – at least for regular users.

To re-cap, the reason new users were unable to sign up was because a high proportion of signups were from people whose sole intention was to write a couple of nonsense entries that contained only links and keywords to try to leverage the PageRank DearDiary.Net has with Google for the purpose of increasing their ranking on their spam products. Clearly we're not intending to be a part of that!

However, there have been legitimate people who want to sign up and couldn't – and with some other things going on here I have re-enabled new users, but have disallowed the inclusion of any links in diary entries. This probably won't affect most people, but if it does, drop me a line and I'll make some extra modifications.

Ultimately I intend to automate the 'link banning' system to allow the system to decide whether you can put links in based on the number of previous posts you have, the length of time you've been a member and a few other things that should improve the situation.

But let me know if this causes you a problem!

Test entry, ignore

testing 123

<a href=”test123.com”>test123

Non Scrolling Editor Inputs

For some time now people have been struggling with inputing their entries onto DD – at least it seems that those who were using the HTML editor and IE8 were having issues.

I think there was an incompatibility with the old HTML editor which for some reason was only showing for users of IE8. Unfortunately I don't have IE8 to test this on, but I have installed the latest version of the CKEditor widget for use on DearDiary and I'm using it to type this message (in Firefox on a Mac, but at least it's working on that platform!) so please give it a go and if you had trouble before, let me know if this fixes it for you.

If it doesn't fix it, I'll have to dig deeper – but I hope it does, cos I dunno where I'll end up digging to if it doesn't!

Thanks for your patience and sorry it took so long!


For anyone worried we're closing down


There’s an awful lot that needs doing to DD to bring it into line with latest web technologies. For one thing it looks horrid on the iPhone ;-). I can’t give any promises if/when those changes will be done because of other financial pressures but the comments on my previous post remind me why I keep the site running.

It’s not about money therefore to keep it going.

However at this stage I do have to keep new users off. Their expectations for what a good site looks like are way above what DD presently offers and the majority of recent new users ended up being spammers.

If someone legitimate needs access to a friends only entry or diary then an existing user should e-mail me with their required details and I’ll add them manually for now. If there becomes many I will provide a ‘backdoor’ mechanism for people to use that is not widely known which should see an end to the problem.

So I apologize if my previous post made it look like DD was going away. It isn’t.

This entry was typed on iPhone so now I know for sure how awful the site looks in iPhone :-)