If you’re reading this, you’re talking to our new server, in a new datacentre, on a new hosting provider…

Hopefully everything works OK – some of the ‘user data’ is still being copied across so you might not see your proper index texts or individual buttons for a few more hours – but they’re coming across as we speak.

Hopefully everything runs nice and fast now and we don’t have to do any more upgrades for a while! Then I can let my ulcer have a rest 😉


  1. awesome!! thank u! :)

  2. Howdy do New Server!

    Thank you Fearless Leader!

  3. You rock… Thanx….

  4. Thanks Steve …you deserve a medal not an ulcer for all you do here . xxx

  5. Thank you, Steve! We really do appreciate all the things you do, even those of us who can’t quite understand it all.