Direct URLs (username.deardiary.net) again

The direct urls to your diary (ie, http://username.deardiary.net) should now start working again over the next few days – depending on individuals Internet Providers. Mine is working already – but then my ISP is good 😉

Hamipiks has also now migrated and is working again, so pictures should be back up too.

Those that have noticed notifies aren’t always working seem to have addresses on yahoo.com (which has never worked properly) and comcast.net which have recently blocked so many servers due to ‘antispam requirements’ that it’s not funny. I am trying to remove our IP address from the various blacklists but it’s fairly hard when people sign up for notify lists one year and then when they forget why they did it they report our server as a spammer because they keep seeing these strange notifies….

You’d probably be better off using RSS instead of notify lists – notify lists are prone to being trapped by antispam rules (which didn’t exist back when the notify system was introduced!). I have added an RSS link to the bottom of diary entry pages which can be clicked on to get the URL you can add to your RSS reader. If you don’t have an RSS reader, Firefox is excellent, or use your friend Google to find one :-)

The RSS link looks like this ->>

Direct URL's (username.deardiary.net)

Hi folks,

At the moment direct links to your diary ie: username.deardiary.net are not working, this will be rectified as soon as possible, until then please be patient.



If you’re reading this, you’re talking to our new server, in a new datacentre, on a new hosting provider…

Hopefully everything works OK – some of the ‘user data’ is still being copied across so you might not see your proper index texts or individual buttons for a few more hours – but they’re coming across as we speak.

Hopefully everything runs nice and fast now and we don’t have to do any more upgrades for a while! Then I can let my ulcer have a rest 😉

Another move coming right up

Ok, after all the pain of the last week you’d think I’d be over it… I am. But I have to move to a new server because otherwise DearDiary will be on a server on its own and it can’t afford to pay for that – so it has to go where all the other sites go :-)

We’ve just invested in another new server – but this time it’s one that works. For anyone that’s interested, it’s a Quad Core Intel Xeon, with 4G of RAM, 2 x 250G SATA II Hard Drives. To say it flies would be an understatement. It’s housed in Seattle, so anyone in that general area should get their eyebrows burned off with the speed :-)

It’s got a number of extra features that mean future upgrades will be a lot smoother and if something goes wrong I can access the machine from here in Australia just as if I was sitting at the keyboard and screen in Seattle. This means I can check BIOS settings, reload the operating system if need be, and do just about anything as if the machine were housed in my office. I can’t of course replace defective hardware, but I can even turn the machine on and off!

In the future if need be, we can add dedicated database servers, load balancing and all sorts of goodies to improve performance and reliability. Having said that, we won’t need to yet – this is a future growth thing!

But all that means we have to make another move – to a new provider (the current budget provider doesn’t do any of the enhanced management stuff).

So – tomorrow (Monday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10)) the DearDiary service will be moved to the new server. You will see some outages and freakish things happening again. Panic ye not – it will all be good. All the other sites hosted by Kabarty have already moved – DearDiary and Hamipiks are the last to go.

Steve and Rose.