In Need Of Assistance

I don’t normally use this diary to appeal for personal assistance, because generally it’s not appropriate, but I am making an exception this time because my personal diary doesn’t get the readership that this one does.

A very good friend of mine (and Rose’s best friend) Selena is in the intensive care unit after she was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident on Saturday. She has broken her back and the doctors are saying she may never walk again.

To all of you who believe in God, please pray with us that God will provide her with a second miracle (the first being that she lived at all) so that she will be able to walk again. God will know who you’re praying for without me needing to give you a great deal of personal details because Rose and I have been speaking to Him constantly since we found out yesterday. Selena has so much to offer everyone who meets her and we know she makes a positive difference to people’s lives with whomever she comes into contact.

To those who don’t believe in God, please send her your good wishes anyway.

Thanks, and apologies for the blatant personal use of this diary for this purpose!

Steve and Rose.


  1. Done.

  2. I’ve been talking to HIM a lot lately… your friend will be in my prayers as well!

  3. Absolutely, I will – and please, don’t apologize for kindness.


  4. praying for a miracle for Selena ! They do happen ..and the power of prayer really works .

    Look after yourselves Steve are obviously devastated by this dreadful news . I hope she gets better . It will be a long road ahead for all of you ..good luck .

    Linda x

  5. Selena has them.

  6. Rose and her family and friends will all be in my prayers.


  7. ((((((((((Selena)))))))))))
    Prayers and love

  8. Heard about it on the news, and it’s awful, but even more so that it’s someone connected to a DDiarist.
    Dear Lord,
    Please grant Selena the strength and courage to get her through the dark days ahead and for the medical carers to assist her in her whole recovery.
    Please give strength and courage to all of Selena’s family and friends so that they may support her.
    In Jesus’ name,

  9. I’ll be praying for Selena. Thanks for giving us the chance to offer our prayers.

  10. I’ll send one up right now.

  11. You’re right,,,Gid will know exactly who we are praying for. And He does hear and answer prayers.

    God bless Selena, give her Your peace and grace during this hard time. Heal her, if it be Your will. IN jesus name I make this prayer,

    Keep us updated please Steve.

  12. Consider it done… for all of you.

  13. I will make sure that prayers will be sent for Selena as well as her family and friends.

    I wish the best for everyone there during this difficult time.

  14. She is in our prayers!



  15. It’s going on my prayer list this evening – usually goes out on a sunday but was delayed by a day….

    cuty xx

  16. Of course we will send prayers and positive energy her way! Those motorcycles scare me to death! I’m so sorry this has happened!!! Please let us know of her progress. Thanks for alerting us. Stay strong. (hugs)

  17. You need never apologize for using this space for personal needs. Some needs just need to be stated.

    Selena has been added to my prayer list as have you and Rose.

  18. She’s in my prayers!


  19. Steve and Rose,

    Just now reading this – my prayers are with Selena and all of you through this. I’m so sorry to hear of this tragedy and pray that Selena will recover fully.

    God bless . . .