Test 123456789

Ahahaha, no that’s really the title of this one :-)

Having discovered last night why the comments weren’t always showing up, I tweaked the database (it was a change I’d made to be clever after the move and to prevent me having to make LOTS of changes to code) back to how it should be and changed all the areas of code that needed to be changed after the move – or so I thought.

Unfortunately I’d missed one, DiaryEntry.pl and many of you noticed that it was crying because you saw strange texts in your calendars, and the entry title mysteriously became something it shouldn’t!

That’ll teach me to mess with things before going to bed :)

Anyway, that gremlin is resolved now.

All this trouble has come about because the new server uses a different database naming mechanism compared to the old one, so all the code has to be updated to match. I added an ‘alias’ to the database so that if I missed somewhere it wouldn’t be a disaster, but the ‘alias’ meant that although the database was getting updated, it wasn’t always noticed if you accessed it via the alias. It’s quite a clever trick that I shall bear in mind if I ever need it :)

So, this latest round of issues is solved… Let’s see what else we can bust up eh? :)


P.S. Thanks to everyone that wrote in with excellent diagnostic traces in their e-mails, it enabled me to go straight to the problem and solve it within a few seconds. The information people gave this time (particularly Eliezer and InStitches) saved me MUCH time and stress. Thank you!

Hamipiks Back Online

After much toing and froing (heh) they are now online.

There is a strange quirk with the Reader Comments that means on occasions the comments aren’t showing up even though they are posted correctly and are in the database. If you see this happening, please send me the URL to the entry so I can see if I can use the information to pin down what the heck is going on.


Hamipiks not working either

I’m aware that Hamipiks isn’t up yet – it’s still in transit 😉

There’s a HUGE amount of data in Hamipiks that has to be packed up and ferried across… And the various other domains.

But anyway, it’s high on the list, it won’t be long now!


Hotmail Addresses Not Working

Please be aware that if you’ve a HotMail account which is used to receive your notifies of updated diaries and/or comments you will not be able to receive them at the moment.

I am in discussion with Hotmail about why this is so, and at the moment the IP address of our (new) server is erroneously on their blacklist. It should be removed within the next 36 hours according to Hotmail.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Notify Now Working (I think!)

Notifications should now be working again, at least for new and updated entries. The comment notification system is different and probably isn’t working just yet :)

Thanks for your patience everyone, things are gradually coming back on stream!

Managing Friends List is now functioning again, and for those of you that had discovered you couldn’t save your Index, Welcome, Header or Footer messages, these too should now be fixed.

Please send bug reports anywhere except to me 😉