New HTML Editor and MASSIVE price reduction for Plus accounts

Plus account holders now have a spivvy whizzy HTML editor in place of the standard textarea, so that you can bold things, and italic them, along with adding smileys , images, links etc etc… All the things you’d find in a good web based HTML editor

So, if you’re a Plus user you’ll see the fancy new editor automatically. At the moment there isn’t a way to switch it off if you don’t like it, but if people want that as a feature then please drop us a line and we’ll add it.

In other news, we have SLASHED the price for Plus accounts, effective immediately. The new price for a one year Plus account is now a mere $18, with 6 months being $10 and 1 month being $2 (all prices US Dollars). Now there’s really no good reason for not going Plus!!! There’ll be more features coming along soon, and the HTML Editor, and much other goodness, is only available to Plus users. To see what Plus users get, visit the features list.

If anyone has any questions please use the HELP button at the top – don’t leave questions as reader comments as they won’t be answered!