A little more on the notify links

It seems the problem only affects some people’s diaries..

I have added some debug code because at this point I’ve no idea what’s causing it – everything looks exactly as it should be on the server.

Though I did have to chuckle at the hacker who tried to get in through the forum system – stopped by various other security measures in place to make up for the fact that phpBB is so shockingly insecure and is almost due to be banned from my servers forever!


Notify Links Not Working

Hi all,
I’m aware that links in people’s notify e-mails are not working properly at the moment, it’s something I shall look into very shortly (as soon as I get some time to!) and apologise for the inconvenience in the meantime.

At this point I’ve no idea what’s causing it or why it would suddenly have started to happen because nothing has changed on the DearDiary code for some time!!

I’ll keep you posted,

Unexpected Outage

Apologies for the unexpected outage last night, the server decided that it’s disks were all read only and therefore nothing at all worked properly.

I shall attempt to investigate why the disks decide to go read only, this is the second time it’s happened in a fairly short space of time so it rather needs looking at.

Once again, apologies.