Spurious Internal Server Error Faults

I am aware that the server is chucking out Internal Server Error messages occasionally when you try to view someone’s diary. I have no idea why this is happening as putting on extra debugging information seems to choke it even more often, and doesn’t log much at all.

It would appear at the moment to be an apache issue, but until I can spend some time to try to track it down, I’m afraid its just a case of reload the page and try again. I’m not going to be around much for the next couple of weeks unfortunately (great timing by DD as always) so I’m afraid it’ll be there for a while.


Friends Only Diaries

I have brought in a new feature for Plus Account holders. It is now possible to set your entire diary to be ‘Friends Only’ which removes the need to specify each individual entry as Friends Only if you know you only ever want friends alone to be able to access the entire diary.

The login screen for the diary is the same as the individual entry screen looks, so it should be familiar. If individual entries are already marked as friends only the visitor will NOT need to login to each individual entry if the whole diary is marked as friends only, as the system uses exactly the same authentication mechanisms for both. That means you can change your whole diary to friends only without needing to ‘unmark’ all the individual entries. If you subsequently made your diary public, then visitors would once again have to login to individual entries.

Setting your diary to private will override the Friends Only Setting and make your diary totally invisible, even to friends.

To mark your diary as friends only, go to Customize, General Diary Options, Basic Settings. Underneath where it says Private Diary, a few boxes down is a tick box to make your diary friends only.

As usual, drop me a line if there’s any questions. Please be aware though that today the weather is utterly appalling in Melbourne and I’m running on battery backup power until the power is restored, so I may not be able to respond very quickly, if at all today.


Back From Trip

I have returned from what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime around the tropical Whitsunday Islands – and I shall write some more about that in my personal diary later – but I am now wading through the list of support messages and trying to get on top of those.

I have also fixed yet another long standing bug whereby it was impossible to change the date of an entry and the text at the same time. I also believe that the problem of updated entry emails going out for new entries (instead of the new entry email going out) is fixed.

Thanks for all the feedback relating to the changes I made before I went away, and thanks to Eli for his excellent explanation of ATOM and RSS.


I will be away and unable to answer support for a few days

I am going away with no internet access for a few days. I have someone who can reboot the server if all heck breaks loose but there will be no support answered until Tuesday morning (Australian time) as I won’t have e-mail access until then.

Keep your fingers crossed that nothing breaks and hopefully everything will be just fine :-)

Apologies in advance if it does break though!


More New Stuff… And That.

I have made a significant change to the Friends Management screens… They are hopefully significantly more intuitive now – the ‘friends who choose me’ / ‘friends I choose’ idea is gone (although behind the scenes its still the same ;)) and replaced with a single list with different options for each friend in your list. People who appeared in both the old lists will now appear only once because thats all thats needed. Its difficult to explain in an entry so the best thing to do is to check it out :)

This change also brings in something that I overlooked when I did the original friends system and I can’t believe it took so long for someone to point it out to me – there may be occasions where you want to receive notifies from another diarist, but don’t want them to have access to your friends only entries. That is now possible with the new system.

Also, I have made a slight tweak to the entry editor so that it is possible to make the system not add BR and P tags when you post a new entry (note this does NOT apply to w.bloggar entries which will always have P and BR added). This will be a major boost to anyone pasting HTML from another diary or adding things where the BR or P tags would corrupt the text for some reason. By default this switch is OFF to maintain compatibility with the original mechanism. You’ll see the new checkbox below the entry text area.

I have taken a snapshot backup of the Friends table, just in case there are any problems but I believe it is working correctly… You’ll notice the new friends system is in keeping with the new look too :-)