A number of odd problems

First, if you’re using Chinese BIG5 character encoding don’t post anything at the moment – something is wrong and it won’t save your message properly. I need to investigate what has gone wrong there and at the moment I don’t have any idea.

Hamipiks will be coming back online later today, its the next one I’m working on and hopefully it will go smoother than this!

Lots of people have noticed large sections of blank space in their entry headers/footers and indexes. I don’t yet know what’s causing this and will look into it today – in the meantime there’s no point trying to edit those for yourself, it is a glitch and editing it appears to make it worse unfortunately.

w.bloggar support is offline and will be returning once I can recode the page, which will happen shortly after Hamipiks and elongated texts is done… Hopefully today.

Plus renewals are manual at the moment so if you need or want to ‘Go Plus’ please feel free but bear with me as I have to manually update the database so it knows you’re a Plus holder.

As previously mentioned going to YourUsername.deardiary.net will take you to the front page at the moment. There is nothing I can do to speed that process up, its down to the nameservers across the world to catch up. Some people will see it working fine and others won’t. In the meantime you can always get to your diary by going to www.deardiary.net/show/diary.pl/YourUsername (where yourusername is replaced with of course, your username…)

I imagine few will read this because the amount of support requests I’m getting for stuff I have already said in here is unbelievable but oh well – some people are reading it at least :)

Sorry for the hassles, I am doing my best to get them resolved…


Support Requests In Comments

Please use the reader comment feature here to leave a support request ONLY as a last resort. If for some reason the HELP button at the top is not working, AND mailing support@hamiko.co.uk directly doesn’t work, then leave it as a reader comment.. Otherwise I either have to answer your question publicly and bore the socks of everyone else, or I have to trawl around to find your e-mail address and reply to you manually using my e-mail. Under normal circumstances that’s bad enough, but at the moment with the support level as it is, it’s pretty much insane trying to do that.

So please – I do appreciate all the problems that people are having, and I very much appreciate your patience while I’m making these changes. I also appreciate that you’re all just letting me know so that I can fix things as I get to them, but please could you do me the favour of using the HELP button (or email if the help button isn’t working). If I don’t reply within a reasonable amount of time, then feel free to leave a comment :)


P.S. Causingchaos, your diary looks fine to me – can you mail me with the url of the page thats wrong? Cheers.

Labyrinths Questions

1.) My graphics and button designs aren’t showing up.:((( All I see are squares with x’s.

You’ll need to login to your diary and go to customize and change the userdata.sorted/L/a/b to be userdata.sorted/l/a/b as I have decapitalized all the directory names. Unfortunately I had to do that because Windows is not case sensitive and so it had placed some people in directories with capital even though their names were all lower case – and vice-versa. You’re actually using the images in a way that isn’t officially supported (but I shan’t worry about that for now) hence why unfortunately you’ll need to login yourself and do it… I ran a script to convert all the official ways (ie, using customizer rather than hardcoding your own HTML).

I notice though that your reader comment options on your diary have no images at all – is that what you would expect?

2.) My password is rejected on some diaries I tried to comment to. And I have attempted not less than three times.

Hmmm, I have successfully left reader comments for people at different diaries. Don’t forget that passwords are case sensitive and so Hello is not the same as hello. When you login to your diary to make an entry, are you prompted for your password or is your browser automatically filling it in?

Please reply to these questions by mailing me at support@hamiko.co.uk rather than via here, as not everyone wants to see this :)


w.bloggar support….


Oooops. OK, so nobody tested that before we moved. It won’t work, the pages at DD to support it are all written in ASP.Net and will need to be changed.

Give me a couple of days and I’ll get it back up for you Yetz…

Also (and I knew about this already but I’ll come clean now) you will be unable to renew your Plus accounts at the moment – if they expire then I can give you a manual mechanism but I hope to have that fixed very shortly too.


I think…

Therefore I am?

No, um, I think it’s all back up – DearDiary.Net that is, the forums, Hamipiks and OpenFiction are still down at the moment due to me only having one pair of hands :) The DNS has not yet changed I am using the old server as a proxy front end for the new server in case I have to switch off in a hurry. Once I’m happy that things really are working ok then I shall adjust the DNS too. I don’t foresee any major problems that will require me to roll it all back to the old server so it shouldn’t be long.

What that means though is that for the time being the username subdomains will NOT work (ie, you can’t get to this page by going to http://deardiary1.deardiary.net) until the DNS is successfully switched. Everything else should work just fine though.

As usual please let me know if there’s anything broken. Once this change settles down I can get on and do my planned improvements.

Anyone that wants to use HamiMail will need to e-mail me personally (finndel@deardiary.net) and put in a request at the moment – the system is not in place to do it automatically. Please remember as of now that you need to be a Plus user in order to have a @deardiary.net address and use HamiMail.

Ok – go have fun – let’s see what happens next!!