Work Begins

Just a quick note to give some indication that work has begun on the return to Linux. I have begun installing a Linux server that will look to all intents and purposes like the server that DD will move to when everything is ready. In this way I can test everything and make sure its all fine before beginning the move. It will also give me an environment I can work offline for when I am away from a high speed internet connection because at the moment everything is developed and done on the live server, which is never a good idea.

On another issue, some of you may have noticed that some of the adverts have changed in places. I’m trialling Google AdSense on some pertinent pages and so far the response is looking pretty good. Shortly after I installed the AdSense ads I was approached to sponsor a worthy cause against poverty in the world through Opportunity International. The company that is organizing some sponsored activities and fund raising towards this cause has promised that if $5000 (Australian Dollars) is raised by the people then the company will donate a further $5000. I’ll give more details about that as and when is appropriate, however at this point I have pledged to give the money raised from the Google AdSense adverts for the month of August and September to the cause. Although Google AdSense are pay per click they do seem to be doing quite well so if you have ad blocking software, please try to be nice and allow ads to be shown on DearDiary.Net – thanks.

If anyone wants to provide any donations or wants further information please drop me a line and I will forward your details to the person who approached me.


Incompatible Change Notification

Hello all,
   As part of the changes back to a Linux server, and in an effort to provide something useful to Plus account holders, I have decided that HamiMail will cease to exist in its present form and will instead become a Plus only feature. This is broadly in line with most other ‘blogging’ sites these days, and the overhead of dealing with 100,000 odd e-mail addresses collecting up spam is really starting to show. Making the feature a Plus only feature removes 99% of the dormant accounts that are just gathering spam, and reduces server load significantly.

As part of this change however, anyone who does have a Plus account will be able to pick up their e-mail using either a Webmail solution which improves on HamiMail, or will be able to send and receive using any normal email client, such as Eudora or Outlook/Outlook Express. Full details on how to configure your e-mail client will be available in due course for those that will need it. Mailbox quota will be set to 10Megabytes initially but may be increased depending on whether people need more.

Anyone with mail presently stored on HamiMail that they want to keep will need to contact me as I won’t be migrating mailboxes by default simply because there’s so much utter rubbish to sift through :)

I estimate there is at least two weeks for people to clear out their HamiMail accounts. Anyone setup to use ‘forwarded email’ will notice that hasn’t worked for some time anyway… (And will work properly again when the new system is in place). I’ll post another update closer to the time :)


Private Comments on Friends Only/Private Entries

From: musik
Date Posted: 8 Aug 2004
I think the point that was being made that comments should AUTOMATICALLY be private when the entry is private, otherwise people have to write all over their entries “Please leave private comments only” so that anyone visiting the page cannot see them and know what the entry may have been about.

At the moment if someone writes a private entry, the comments are automatically public and can be seen by anyone, unless they specifically write a private comment :)


From: alifelessordinary
Date Posted: 8 Aug 2004
Yeah, what she said :)

Although what you fixed is handy too *pats head* good boy.

Doing that will require a complete rewrite of the commenting system because at the moment comments apply to a particular date not a particular entry. Redoing that will need data migration of the old comments, interface changes to change how comments are left, database changes and a whole slew of programming and testing…

Make sure if you’re responding to a friends only entry, you tick the private comment box – at least I now fixed it so if you click ‘no let me do it again’ it won’t automatically make it public again!

That kind of changes to the comments system are not going to happen quickly…

Annoying Private Comment Tickbox Niggle Fixed

I was made aware this evening of an annoying niggle when trying to leave private comments for people..

Mark the comment as private by placing a tick in the relevant tickbox, click ‘The Button’ to add the comment. When you read it back you realise you made a typo so you click the ‘No! Let me edit it again’ button. When you are returned to the comment entry screen, the tickbox no longer has a tick in it and your comment, when re-presented to the system, is now going to be public.

The tickbox now remembers it’s previous state when you are returned to the comment input screen.

Apologies for that one, it appears it has caught a few people out – it is now fixed.


January Girl Question

Just wondering.. Is what Musik stated true? I mean would DD functionality really improve, or would you all be more concentrated to that end, if more people subscribed? I could start a grass roots campaign if that’s true.. I could make a web page and everything. ::grin::

Musik stated:
I guess if there were more Plus Users then there would be more incentive to work on DD functionality to improve it. Already a lot of work has been done to make DD more stable so it doesn’t crash all the time. Hours of labour is required to make these things happen.

What Musik said is absolutely true. Hours of labour is needed to get anything done on DD, and hours of labour is something that I just don’t have when they’re better spent on more profitable past-times.

Having said that, equally I can understand that a) not everyone can afford it and b) there’s not a HUGE amount on offer for Plus Users at the moment. I’m working on integrating some photo album software to replace Hamipiks at the moment but that is likely to require a switch back to a Linux server to run properly (and the photo album software I plan on using is actually VERY good indeed). There is a fairly strong likelihood that will happen but I have to plan out the least disruptive way of doing that.

I then have some plans for other stuff, but again its a case of fitting it in around stuff that does actually pay me in my spare time and again it probably requires a switch to Linux…

Stuff is happening at DD but its a lot slower than we might like simply because of funding.