Out Of Action

Hi all,
I am shortly to be installed on an aircraft bound for Australia. Given that’s something of a long haul flight (with a stop in Singapore) I shan’t be around if the site goes down… On Saturday I shall be sleeping I suspect and on Sunday I shall be at a birthday party most of the day…

So, at least until Monday – cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong :) If the site does go down I shall have remote access from Monday to be able to check into problems, if you drop a note to support (please use support email for site critical problems, not the forums as they’re not checked as often) and someone can get in touch with me by cellphone.

Let the pommy invasion begin. Muahahahah!


And then something else

NOW the notify should be working… I hope.

Notify Not Working

The notification of updated entries should now be fixed. Unfortunately I forgot that when the box was setup it had only one IP address, and now it has two, which means that the second one needed to be added as an allowed e-mail sender (particularly since DD moved to the new address).

So hopefully that is working properly now. Let me know if you think otherwise!

Also, the HITS system had to be reverted now that DD is on a proper IP address of its own, which is also fixed, although the lookup script had a bit of a problem and so a LOT of hits were still showing as Pending Lookup. That’s being addressed while I write this entry and should be resolved fairly shortly.

To answer Labyrinths question about showing whether you’ve got new DD mail when you login to your diary, I shall look at putting that in shortly for you.


DNS Issues Causing Mucho Grief

Having moved DearDiary to its own IP address, I have unfortunately stuffed up potentially in a big way… The domain name server appears to have been set to allow systems to cache the answers for up to 5 days, instead of the 1 hour I thought it was at… This means that most of the site would appear unavailable until then.

I have however setup a redirection on www.deardiary.net to redirect to (the new address). This was OK, except that a lot of the new pages had hardcoded full (ie non referential) urls in them, meaning that although the front page would come up nicely, the rest wouldn’t because the redirection always takes you back to the front page…

So a quick recode on a bunch of stuff to ensure that all the links are internal to the site, and I think its all relatively ok now…

Let me know if you find any that are still broken.


Eli's Questions

Would Premium users have access to PERL and PHP, so they can do interactive site things? Likewise – dare I hope – a mySQL database of their own?

While a static site is nice – what would really add value for me is the ability to have scriptinf and mySQL database capabilties.

Hosting will be a totally seperate package, not a ‘Premium Users’ thing. However, yes, perl and php will be available along with MySQL database. We’ve still to finalise the details, but this much is at least sorted :)

Also – how will domain names or such be handled? Will we be subdirectories? Sub-domains? Can we have full blown domains?

You will not be subdirectories – that much is for definite because the Control Panel software that will allow you to take care of your own site won’t do that. You could, potentially, if you wanted, be a hamiko.com subdomain – though I imagine most people would prefer to have their own domain. The chances are that the package will come with a free domain (.com, .net, .com.au, .id.au, .co.uk type of domain). Although we’ve not decided yet whether a domain registration will come free, it will definitely be possible to have your own domain, and thats the preferred mechanism really.

How will this hosting thing work?

Full details will be announced once they’re finalised :) But it sounds like we’ll be able to offer what you want.