Seems to be Data Issue

There’s something wrong with the query that runs the last updated screens (the one if you click the Show button)

Its disabled, I can’t be fagged to figure out what is wrong with it, its obviously decided to explode in the last few days and frankly its half past eleven and I have better things to do than fuck around with a MySQL database that just suddenly decides not to answer queries properly. It gets stuck in ‘Copying to tmp table’ for hours and all the other queries back up behind it like a blocked drain.

So, you can’t get to see which diaries were updated within the last however long because its broken. Sorry. If anyone has any experience with Perl and wants to buy DearDiary.Net from me, make me an offer. Its not worth fuck all so don’t overdo it.


I think it might be the usual misbehaving spider causing the problems, but I shall reserve judgement for now.. I know there is a particularly badly behaved spider on the net that tries to grab hundreds of diary pages in one go and causes massive server problems…

We shall see whether my changes to robots.txt again fixes it… Please note that no diary entries will end up on Google and such like though because all the spiders are disabled.

Performance Issues

There seems to be something causing the server to go on a go slow occasionally – I’m not sure whether its the database that gets its knickers in a knot or whether its something else on the server…

Symptoms are pages loading slowly, Database Connection Errors and potentially Proxy Connection Failed errors…

I’d recommend anyone who’s posting entries to write them first in Notepad and copy and paste into the DD window in case you lose it, or alternatively use the w.bloggar interface for the time being.

The Astute Amongst You May Have Noticed…

That the front page is looking a little different :)

The page marks the first of a number of changes that are coming up, though when, who knows 😉 But anyway, hope you like it – thanks to all those who’ve helped with the new design and feedback!

There are some known problems (like one of the header images doesn’t look good on 800×600, the System News doesn’t show up anywhere and there’s no easy way to submit an entry of the week suggestion) that will be fixed in the next day or two… But I was harranged to get it online asap so there, its there 😉

IP Addresses Now Fixed

The server is now logging the correct IP addresses again so the show my hits screens should start to look more interesting again soon.

Sorry about that.