Celandra please read

Hi Celandra,
We’re certainly not ignoring you – we’ve not received anything from you. Please send us your message using the HELP button at the top or if you’ve used that already, drop me a line personally… I don’t want to post the actual address because it probably gets scanned by spammers but the account name is steve and its at hamiko.co.uk – hope that makes sense!!

Anyway we’re not ignoring you. If you don’t get a response to your request through those two mechanisms, leave me a private comment on here and leave me an up to date e-mail address and I’ll write to you myself if necessary!

I suspect we have some catching up to do somewhere as you’re not receiving anything from us and we’re not from you – but we’ll pin it down somehow!



Anyone using DearDiary.Net would do well to read the following article which was advertised on MSN (and bizarrely enough I actually clicked on) this afternoon.

It carries an extremely important message. If you are reading this, and you think the message doesn’t apply to you (and it might not) please please bear it in mind and point it out to anyone using DearDiary.Net (or other community type sites) that might be thinking of meeting up with someone for real that they met here…


Yes, its a .co.uk but it applies equally well to anyone anywhere in the world.

Becomings Question

First, the observation: When people commented on my private entry, unless they clicked ‘private’ the comment appears on the login screen for the entry for anyone to read, even non Dear Diary members. I wonder if comments on a ‘for friends’ entry could default to private?

Unfortunately that would require a major rewrite of the present comments system (which I’m not averse to, but probably won’t happen in the current Perl codebase as its just not worth it – the shelf life of the perl codebase is limited). The problem is that the comments are all tied into the first entry for that day – they know nothing of any subsequent entries. Indeed, making them aware of that would require an ‘Add Comment’ button after each individual entry, which as you can see isn’t present.

The comments system needs a darn good overhaul :) I’ll certainly bear it in mind for the new software – which has been a long time coming I know – but it really is being worked on now (when I’m not working on new features for the existing code base)… Indeed, some ‘privileged’ people have seen the first steps so they can confirm it really is happening at last :)


Couple of Bug Fixes This Evening

Hi all, bugs abound! Actually that’s not necessarily true, but there are a couple that have been fixed this evening, bizarrely in stuff that I thought I already fixed a while ago.

The show my hits scripts are (or were) showing zero hits for the last 24 hours, which was clearly wrong – thanks to F for mailing in and letting us know. I made some changes to the viewer.pl scripts to consolidate how they operated (previously I had three seperate scripts that any time a bug fix was made needed to be applied to all three places – there is now only one) which I suspect is where the problem came from.

Secondly, the Last 10 Updated Diaries had been reset to be updated only once every ten minutes, which should be more often than that since I fixed the queries up to be more efficient, so that should update more often now too.

Have a good evening!

Friends Only Entries

I have now completed, and installed the latest change to the DearDiary code – friends only entries.

Its something that people have wanted for a LONG long time, and that’s the ability to restrict viewing of your entries to particular people, and now you can. If you mark an entry as friends only, then anyone who wants to look at that entry will need to provide their username and password AND be on your friends list in order to see it. If the person isn’t on your friends list but does successfully authenticate themselves, they will be presented with a button that will enable them to request to be added to your friends list.

Please be aware that ONLY friends that YOU have chosen can view your friends only. People can NOT gain entry to your friends only entries if THEY choose you as a friend. Or, perhaps more clearly, ONLY people that appear in the list marked Your Friends on the Manage Friends screen will be able to gain access to your friends only entries. People that appear in the ‘Friends who have chosen You’ list will NOT be able to gain access.

Hopefully that all makes sense!

The terms and conditions of use for DearDiary.Net will altered shortly as a result of this feature. There will no longer be a need for people publishing erotic material to be in the Adult Genre, BUT those entries that contain erotica MUST be marked as friends only. Diary authors should be careful to ensure that if they write such material, then ONLY ADULTS are listed on their friends list. Any diarist willingly providing erotic material to under 18’s will be removed. Erotic material in public entries will not be permitted unless the diarist is in the Adult Genre.

As always, drop us a line if you’re unsure!