More Anti Spam Features at HamiMail

I’ve added a couple of filters to HamiMail, which should hopefully reduce the risk of the latest wonderful worm hitting your inbox (though if it arrived before yesterday then you’ll still stand a chance of having it).


Database Failure Overnight

The database failed overnight leaving the service completely dead about 5 minutes after I went to bed.

A query which went bad brought the server down by locking all the tables while it attempted to join together millions of rows (actually probably 100’s of millions of rows) which ran all night and actually never returned. I killed it in the end this morning when Paivi found it.

I’ve now added a setting to the database which should mean queries can’t do that again – any query that wants to go through more than 100,000 rows will return an error. If you genuinely experience that error when you’re going about your normal DD business please drop me a line and let me know what you were doing so that I can add indexes if necessary.


Authentication Change Didn't Work

Oh well, another great idea bites the dust :)

Database Authentication Changes.

I have to make a subtle change to the database authentication layer, which may result in people being told their password is incorrect even if it isn’t. Hopefully this won’t take long and normal service will be resumed. However, for tonight (until I post to say I am finished!) if you can’t login through the web client this will be why.

The Windows Client will not be affected, so if you are desperate to update your diary while I am playing, go visit and fetch a copy of it and play :)

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Notify Fixed When Posting With Windows Client

I have now fixed the Windows Client (well the backend) so that when you now Post and Publish all the people on your notify list will actually be notified now. There is no mechanism to NOT notify through the windows client at this point in time, though if enough people want me to put the feature in I certainly will.