Last 10 Updated Diaries – Update

The code has been reworked (man that code is so old its scary) and the dodgy query (which looks like it might have been responsible for half the problems on the server in the last year!) has been redone in a somewhat better fashion.

The recent updates list is therefore back on the system and seems to be functioning correctly.


Last 10 Updated Diaries

The 10 Recent Updates has had to be removed from the front page temporarily due to it killing the entire database server.

The query it was using was locking the database, unfortunately bringing everything down (including other sites running at AtomIC). It has therefore been temporarily removed until I can recode it to be more friendly to the database…

It will return – please don’t mail me about it, you’ll only get yelled at :)


Confusion Clearup regarding DD3.0

This entry should clear up any confusion regarding the image crisis cleanup for DearDiary 3.

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments folks. To clear up the easy one first;

Jumping to someones diary if they leave a comment would seem like a good idea so I’ll get that one added to the list :-)

On the image front;

  • Album will NOT be affected.
  • Diary CONTENT will NOT be affected. You do NOT need to backup your diary.
  • MOST diary customizations SHOULD remain (not going to promise anything on that just yet though as their may be some changes that simply don’t make sense in the new customization system).
  • People WILL be able to continue to use their own buttons and backgrounds, however they will NOT be able to use them for entry images other than the intended customization usage (ie, a background is a background, not an image in someone’s comment or diary entry).
  • Many customized backgrounds/buttons will be removed. However, we will probably set something up so that you can request to keep yours… In other words, its going to be an opportunity (after over 4 years of DD) for some housekeeping.

To re-iterate;

  • Diary entries will NOT be removed. You do NOT need to back your diary up, only (potentially) the images.

Hope that helps!


Reader Comments Fixed

We were unaware until today that Reader Comments were broken – at least in some cases. I’m not sure how long it had been wrecked but I think it was certainly wrecked in most cases! Its now fixed, sorry for the problem.

Call For Comments

Work has begun on DearDiary 3.0, the long awaited upgrade to the site. However, in considering the radical changes to the site, and the overblown amounts of cruft that DD2.x has laying around, I have almost decided that with the introduction of DD3.0, it its likely that we will destroy everyone’s current diary configuration.

I know a lot of you have put some seriously hard work into your customizations (mostly because the customizer is so god awful to use right now) and what I am thinking is that the basic customizations will remain, but most of the images will be removed from the system. This is because there is a HUGE number of personal pictures uploaded as background images that really and truly should be uploaded into Album and definitely should not be being used as backgrounds. There are also a HUGE number of images that are in complete contravention of copyright laws (half of which people put to me to make public!!)

The new customizer will be SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use, and public image upload and selection will also be significantly better controlled and easier to use. Unfortunately this will, of necessity cause some pain – notably the removal of the cruft from the system.

If you have any passionate thoughts on this, please leave a Reader Comment on this entry and let me know…. I have no timescales, and before I blow the images away I will give at least a week, but possibly a months warning so that you can download your diary pictures and re-upload when the new system goes in.

As I say, there is no timescale as yet (other than it will be at least a couple of months development time).