Small Album Upgrade

Album users now have their own URL to access their album.

You can specify to reach your own album, obviously you replace yourusername with your actual username, so to view delancie’s album you can use and go straight there.

Very shortly you’ll be able to use as a bit shorter version :)

Go have fun!


On the Radio!

I (matt) was on ABC Radio National Sydney today, the show was ‘Night Club’ hosted by Libbi Gorr and it was on at 9pm Australian time (12:00 noon here in the UK). The topic of discussion was keeping diaries and also Dear Diary.NET to keep your diaries online.

It went well I think!

They put copies of the shows on their web site for people to listen to later on so feel free to have a listen, here’s the URL for Night Club:

The show I was on was the 9-10pm one, and Dear Diary was discussed in the first half.

I would like to thank Libbi Gorr, Kerrie Ross and everyone at ABC for the experience, it was a lot of fun!