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Wired Patrol can help you if you’re in any of the above countries…


Thanks to MarvelGirl

The following comment was left a few days;

For those of you that are based in the US it would do you good to try this address..

I have been in conversation with Wired Patrol and we cannot contact them on your behalf. You will have to contact them directly if you are having online or real life hassle. I am trying to negotiate some more interaction between the two sites such that people have at least, hopefully, some kind of protection.

And once again, I URGE people not to write things in their diaries that can identify them in their real life, and do NOT trust anyone online. Not anyone, ever. To do so is the height of foolishness and akin to sleeping with the guy/girl you just spent half an hour in the bar with.

If you’ve been affected by the stalking campaign, write to the guys above. I’ll talk to them about the case if they approach me for evidence.


Adjustment to 8 Apr 2002 entry – Threatening Behaviours

We have been advised by our solicitors that information covered by the privacy policy can be given to other law agencies, without necessarily being threatened with a court order. Such a policy would be costly to us because we could have to appear in court in whatever country the problem is occuring.

Thus, the wording in the above entry (8 Apr) is incorrect. It should read, ‘We will only give your information out in the event of a legal issue, to the relevant agencies dealing with the legal problem’. Our United Kingdom (and thus European Union) Data Protection registration, is still covered as we have registered that we will provide users details in the event of criminal investigations. Indeed, under our Data Protection Act registration we can actually do largely what we like with your data – we just choose not to :-)