20,000 Public Diaries!

Good heavens! 20,000 public diaries now available to be read!

I’ve noticed also that the number of diaries updated in the last week and 24 hours has dramatically increased too!!

Thanks for choosing DearDiary.Net to write at – keep up the good work folks, lets chronicle history through the eyes of the normal (heh!) person!



The main DearDiary.Net server will be down for approximately half an hour tomorrow (10th May 2002) for a RAM upgrade. Many of you will have noticed the horrid slowdown in the afternoon/evening (depending on your timezone) and we’re hopeful that the extra RAM will improve this.

The server will be reboot at approximately 14:30 EST ( 19:30 BST ) and should come back immediately, but it will then go offline again for a longer period while the actual RAM is installed. All being well, it will be back up shortly afterwards.



Muppet clarification

I don’t want to hear complaints about entries, or comments that predate these entries. I won’t retrospectively en-act new ‘laws’ (despite that they’ve been laws since the beginning of the site!) because I don’t have the energy or the time to dissect who might be the person in the ‘right’ in an argument. My judgement will be black and white, if you slander someone, abuse a user here, after this date you will be banned. If that person responds by slandering you, they TOO WILL BE BANNED. Thats it. Whoever is right or wrong will be irrelevant.

Thus. If you do not want to be removed from the site, do NOT talk about, abuse, annoy, aggrovate, other users. Even if they talk about you. Do not leave comments if the diarist has requested (using the ban feature) you not to. Even if they talk about you.

Someone recently called me a pacifist in a private email. Just try me, OK? Just go ahead and try me. I am a pacifist until you push my buttons too far and that small percentage have now pushed my buttons too far.

BUT, at this point, as far as I am concerned, the slate is clean. Incursions before todays date will NOT be acted upon because I can’t keep up with the patheticness of it all. But after todays date will count. Oh, and for the record, don’t think you can get away with slandering someone by dating the entry in the past, the system stores the date the entry was POSTED as well as the ‘visible’ date of the entry.


Muppets on the site.

OK, I’ve had enough. Its time to clamp down again because some people at this site are spoiling it for the majority…. Two clarifications now, and I shall start acting on any requests sent to abuse@deardiary.net that I find to be accurate and infringe on the Terms and Conditions (URL later) and these two extra notes which will be added to the T&C in due course.

1) If you are banned from leaving comments on someones diary, you respect that ban and you walk away. Period. Do NOT create a new account with a different name and leave your rubbish to the same diary again. Failure to observe this simple request will result in all your accounts being banned, Premium or not. Period.

2) If you accuse someone of being someone else you will be banned. Period. I am sick and tired of hearing ‘BasicTruth is Franny’ or ‘BasicTruth is DaffyDucks mother’ or ‘BasicTruth is NeutronICs sister’. None of you know who is who here, so shut the fuck up. I will ban any muppet that decides to throw their ill advised mouths around slandering other users. I might even consider suing you for defamation of character or slander of someone in a public place.

Thats it for now, I have no doubt I will think of some other things to add, but for those that are unsure, read the terms and conditions. Anything you provably do outside of those risk you getting banned. http://www.deardiary.net/aup.html for those with goldfish memories.

If necessary I will restrict new accounts to valid, non free, email addresses as well, since many of these spoonhandles causing problems are registering from Yahoo or Hotmail.

I sincerely apologise to the 99.75% of legitimate users for the tone of this post, if you’re a legit user you’ll never need to worry about it and I sincerely apologise for taking your valuable time having to read this drivel…

To the other 0.25% of the users here, do you really think we spent all this time and effort to create a system that you could just abuse and use as a tool to create drama’s for other people who just want to get on with their lives? We didn’t. This is our living room, the 0.25% who are coming into our living room and pissing on our sofa and wanking under our dining table are hereby notified we will not tolerate it any longer. My decision will be final in all matters, this isn’t a democracy, there’s no freedom of speech issues because we’re not a government authority, so for the 0.25% of trouble makers, here is my ass and you can kiss it.

Thats it. I hope I make myself, and my annoyance, perfectly clear even to the thickest of that 0.25% (and I know who most of you are, so start behaving or start leaving).


P.S. If you want a customer services type response if you reply to this, don’t mail me, you won’t get one. My Political Correctness gene is chemically subdued right now and isn’t likely to return when relating to muppets. Write to support@deardiary.net – a much more tolerant and spiritually advanced person replies to those (notably Paivi!).