Spiders and System Performance

I’ve noticed a couple of occasions where the server has been slogged to the floor. This would appear to be due to search engines unfriendly spiders spamming the site with lots of requests in a short period. Altavista is particularly dastardly for this, and is presently in the banned list that doesn’t even know the server is alive any more. FastSearch was the one that collapsed us tonight.

So… I am trialling some throttling software that tracks the number of requests a user makes in a certain period and throttles high users back. Hopefully normal users won’t notice any problems, but drop me a mail if you do get weird things happening…


DearDiary 3.0

Work officially began on the long awaited DearDiary 3.0 software. Matt’s busy on other projects (one’s that actually enable this server to be paid for these days, so we won’t stop him!) so DD3 is all down to me… Don’t hold your breath, but I shall be working on it flat out and will be in need of some testers (its a complete and total rewrite) in the near future. So, if you’re a seasoned user of the present DearDiary and would like to have input into the new version – stick your nose in the comments section below and stake your position :-)

I shall try to keep everyones suggestions from the past in mind and hopefully the new version will be faster, cleaner and easier to use!


Addendum to AtMail

In case anyone has been having trouble with those blasted transparent caching proxies (ie, if you made a change to something and returned later to find an old, stale page instead then you were probably the victim of a proxy) I have made some changes to AtMail as part of this build which should reduce your problems. Some people may experience similar problems with leaving reader comments on DearDiary or updating their personal details… If the changes I made to AtMail prove useful in that respect I shall ensure that a similar mechanism is built into DearDiary 3.0.


More AtMail Upgrades.

AtMail now has folder (we call them pigeon holes) support, so you can organize your mail better. Create a folder to keep your mails from your family, another one to keep your mails from friends, another to keep those from that affiliate program you joined, etc etc.

Premium Account holders can have as many folders as they desire (or can manage!) whereas non Premium Account holders are limited to 5 – including the system generated ‘INBOX’. I may up the limit for non Premium’s to 10 though, we’ll see how generous I feel 😉

If you’ve not checked out AtMail, and you want to be able to have your DearDiary.Net e-mail sent somewhere seperate from your normal mail (or you might do as I do now and use AtMail for all your mail!) you need to checkout AtMail at http://atmail.atomic-systems.com and feel free to give us your feedback at support@deardiary.net

I have a few more features I need to introduce to AtMail and then work begins on the long awaited DearDiary 3.0 in earnest!


AtMail Updates

AtMail (http://atmail.atomic-systems.com) now has address book functionality. If you’re a Premium Account holder there is no limit to the number of addresses your address book can contain, whereas non Premium Account holders are limited to (at present) 15 addresses.

More features are proposed for AtMail, so watch this space!!