Deleting Cookies.

You’re seeing the stale cookie more than once?

You’re using IE?

Choose Tools, Internet Options, Settings, View Files.

You’ll get a windows explorer window come up. Click the ‘Internet Address’ header twice (or until the arrow points upwards), then look for the file that starts with cookie: and has in it. Select the file, delete it. You shouldn’t see the stale cookie problem on again.

Thats the theory anyway.

Good luck if you use Netscape – its been so many years since I used Netscape I couldn’t begin to tell you how to do it – perhaps some kind soul will post a comment with how its done :-)



  1. To delete cookies in Netscape:
    top taskbar
    privacy & security
    view stored cookies
    highlite cookies to be deleted and hit remove!
    tis all done :)

  2. Its worth noting that you should remove ALL cookies that look relevant to our sites. So if you see one for and one for just then you need to remove BOTH.

  3. Thx, problem solved.

  4. Wow that sounds like an odd problem… I never really search for diarys and leave notes here.. guess I’m mean like that =o How is the new software coming along that you guys are working on.. I would love to see an update (or just what you guys are planning on doing) on that… =o)