Updates to AtMail

Just in case anyone is using AtMail (atmail.atomic-systems.com) there’s been some upgrades this week enabling it to finally (I hope!) deal with attachments correctly. Another frequently requested upgrade was hotlinking of embedded email addresses and web URL’s which is now incorporated. The hotlinking will be incorporating into the forthcoming DearDiary 3.0 software as well…

In case you’re not aware, if you have a DearDiary account you can use AtMail (like HotMail or YahooMail but written by us instead :-))


Database Issues again

You may have noticed that although the server hasn’t been crashing over the last few days, it has been giving the good old ‘Unable to Connect to Database’ error, or possibly Internal Server Error’s. This was due to a misconfiguration of the PHP module and the database, which is now sorted. Hopefully that’ll be the end of that.

But probably not, cos it never is 😉



We were alerted to a spurious database error by (many) email(s) about an hour ago. Checking the database revealed that it crashed, probably due to out of memory on the server, so something isn’t happy – but we’ll get to the bottom of that later.

Judging by the number of panic entries on the Recent Updates panel, I’d say a lot of people noticed…. Hopefully all your entries are now restored (in fact they were never lost, its just that due to the way we run our MySQL database, if it crashes hard, it corrupts the indexes and they must be rebuilt, otherwise it LOOKS like data is lost).

The index rebuild appeared to go smoothly, taking around 5 minutes of down time to complete.

Apologies for the problem, I’ve adjusted some settings that were a little over-zealous in the database, and hope that we won’t see it again. I’ll investigate further what went wrong tomorrow..



Is back…

It uses a distributed system to perform the queries, so there may be times when the search system is down even though the rest of the site is functioning perfectly. That should get less and less as we bring more servers online (presently there’s only one :)).

But after much swearing and hacking, its now back and seems to be functioning well…

Anyway, you all wanted search back, so there you go, its back and the Google box is now gone… Feel free to leave your comments about it on this entry, but DONT leave comments that require an answer – use email if you want an answer!!


Deleting Cookies.

You’re seeing the stale cookie more than once?

You’re using IE?

Choose Tools, Internet Options, Settings, View Files.

You’ll get a windows explorer window come up. Click the ‘Internet Address’ header twice (or until the arrow points upwards), then look for the file that starts with cookie: and has www.deardiary.net in it. Select the file, delete it. You shouldn’t see the stale cookie problem on deardiary.net again.

Thats the theory anyway.

Good luck if you use Netscape – its been so many years since I used Netscape I couldn’t begin to tell you how to do it – perhaps some kind soul will post a comment with how its done :-)