Answers to comments and questions

Just a couple of answers to some of the recurring questions and themes in comments after our about-turn announcement in the previous entry.

Unauthenticated Comments:

These will not be switched off. There are a huge number more people that value this facility than the couple of babies on the site that continue to misuse it.

Ignore them. Leave them alone. Either way, we’re not interested in this anymore, the few that can’t figure out how to grow up will just have to deal with it themselves. Those being ‘attacked’ in comments will just have to either learn to walk away or add fuel to the fire and respond in kind. Up to you. We can’t keep up, we aren’t going to try any more.

Parody Diaries:

In keeping with our new theme for administration, we don’t care. If you really want to waste your time writing a parody diary then by all means feel free. If someone else, or the person you’re parodying, then decides to take a swipe at you then you will have to deal with that. There are no winners in any war, whether it’s fought with guns or words, everyone loses something, but if you feel the need to keep the war going then we don’t care anymore, we’re not getting involved any further.

Contact us if there is a legal issue at, if it’s not a legal issue then it will be ignored and in return we will re-focus our attentions back on getting Dear Diary 3.0 developed.

If you want to know what else you can now do on Dear Diary, please feel free to write a comment.

Again, I echo Steve’s apologies to the 99.9% of users that know how to act their age rather than their shoe size.


About TURN.

As they say in the army.

OK, the trial period failed. Basically because there’s only three of us, and we can’t keep up with whats going on where and we haven’t any intention of trying. We’re fed up of trying to mediate between parties when none of them are innocent.

We can’t keep up with rewriting rules and writing DD1 entries to a minority of less than 10 people when there are 39 people on the notify list and over 10,000 diarists on the site, most of which we have never heard of because they never cause any trouble.

We can’t keep up with people taking the spirit of our acceptable use policy and pulling it to bits to find holes, then using those holes to write about people.

We can’t keep up with the circles of people who are this diary and that diary and making comments under this name and that name.

We not only can’t keep up, we can’t be bothered any more. We deal with DearDiary.Net for one reason, because it was fun. The abuses lately have made it not be fun, and with that in mind we had a meeting the day before (in email) to decide where we were taking it. The options were the same as before (listed here) and we decided that the deletion policy just isn’t working.

People can create new diaries faster than we can delete them. The internet being what it is means we can’t actually stop anyone using the service. And we’d basically set a challenge for the abusers to see how far they could go.

So what does this all mean?

Basically, as of now, unless you are a lawyer, do not mail our abuse address. It will be ignored. We can’t keep up with you anyway. Sort it out amongst yourselves.

I know this decision will offend some people, but we’re spending WAY too much time babysitting less than 10 people on this site when we should be concentrating on improving it for the 10,000 people who use it sensibly and play nicely.

The legal rules will still be upheld. You risk prosecution if you write things that are illegal (not from us, but this IS a public forum, remember that when you write). And you potentially risk legal action if you slander people or name them, but thats your problem not ours. Think about what you write before you write it, you could just be opening a can of worms for yourself.

But as of now, we are not getting involved in your fights any longer. Thats all.

To the >10000 diarists, who we’ve never received any kind of complaint about, please accept our apologies for troubling you and for making it sound like we had a problem with you too. We dont and never did. We also hereby apologise for having lost the motivation and time necessary to improve this site for you. That’s about to change, we’re reprioritizing….

Latest on the SirCam Email Worm

It has a name, the ‘SirCam Worm’.

See this article on the BBC News site for more information.

Bottom line, if you are infected it will start destroying files in October so get your system cleaned. Judging by the amount of email we’re still receiving (and now automatically bounced) containing this virus there are still a lot of people with us ( or on their address books that still have this worm on their system.


Last entry on this topic

This is the last entry i’ll post into this diary on this topic, I don’t want to continue to put what is essentially ‘off topic’ entries into this diary but since I started, i’ll round up and finish it off.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your kind words, both in emails and in comments on the various entries regarding the passing on of our family dog Springer. I’ve passed them on to my parents and they wanted me to express their gratitude and appreciation for each of them.

My father has taken a number of the photo’s that we have of Springer and put them online – There’s about 20 photo’s and a good many of them are just through and through Springer, you can see so much of his personality in those photo’s I know now that he won’t ever be forgotten as just ‘a dog’.

Take his chocolate button dispenser that you can see in a couple of the shots, his ‘show piece’. Many dogs might raid it constantly, it had a huge stash of doggie buttons in it that were available whenever he wanted them, and whenever it got low Mum or Dad would refill it and occasionally swap between white and regular chocolate to give him some variety. He didn’t pig out at all, he used it to show off when new people came to the house, they’d all be impressed when they saw he knew how to push the handle down to get another serving of buttons but then he’d wander off and do something else (generally demand attention!) :)

Still, I’ll let you go see the photographs for yourself.

Go to here for the pics.

If you have any problems with that URL, just go to and Search for username ‘onehouse’.

Thank you all again from myself and my parents.

Matt, Peter and Christine Peddlesden.

More Email Worm News

I’ve found a little more out about this new Email Worm that’s spreading like wildfire, thought i’d share it along.

It is extremely clever and hides itself quite well. The subject line sent to recipients seems to be taken from a random subject line that you have used previously to send to that recipient or failing that, just any old one that you have used. The attached file is a random one from your hard drive and the worm embeds itself in that file.

The attachment has a double extension, eg. .doc.pif or or .zip.exe for example. Remember that double extensions don’t mean anything – there is only one, and it’s the last one. PIF files are just as runnable as COM or EXE or many of the others like VBS.

It emails contacts from your contact list, nothing new there.

It has its own SMTP client built into it – so you will not see any of the outbound messages in your mailbox making it that much harder to spot that you’re spamming the crud out of people at about 206k a time.

That’s all for now :)